Which type of company culture matches your personality?

Which type of company culture matches your personality?

Businesses develop their company culture based on what they believe will give employees a platform to flourish and do the best job they can. So, you need to find yourself a company that has your personality in mind.  

In a previous article, we gave some pointers on how to get a feel for the company culture that an organization is promoting. This time, we’re looking at the different types of company culture, helping you decide where you’d fit best.  

Culture fit

While no two cultures are the same, any given company culture usually fits into one of these five categories:  

     1. Team first

Companies promoting team-first corporate cultures prioritize employees’ happiness, offering frequent team activities and constantly showing an appreciation for their staff. They understand that happy employees make for happier customers, which is why those organizations which are customer-focused often spend time nurturing their team culture.  
This is probably the culture that best describes Tek Experts’ philosophy. Our guiding principles include being ‘stronger together’ and putting the ‘customer first.’ We recognize that for our employees to go the extra mile for their customers, they need to feel valued and appreciated. We do everything we can to make staff feel this way, including regular team-building days and helping people realize their potential through continuous training.  

     2. Elite

An elite company culture is often adopted by those organizations that are pushing the envelope, meaning they need the best talent they can get their hands on who will help the company make waves in the market.  

Employees, therefore, will need to be comfortable in an intense environment, where competition between staff is actively encouraged in order to achieve innovative results.  

     3. Horizontal

A horizontal corporate culture is created to allow fluid collaboration between staff at all levels of the business. They are usually seen in smaller companies and startups, where success is reliant on everybody within the business pitching in and doing a little bit of everything.  

Those companies who are successful in creating a horizontal corporate culture will benefit from a close team which goes the extra mile to make the business a success.  

     4. Conventional

A conventional company culture might be evident in established businesses which have cornered the market, meaning there isn’t such a need to innovate, but to minimize risk and secure profits. The hierarchies tend to be more defined, with little communication and collaboration between levels.

     5. Progressive

Similar to elite, progressive culture is built on uncertainty, with employees often not knowing what to expect next. This type of corporate culture suits those people who thrive in changing environments, seeing it as an opportunity to make improvements and test new ideas. However, that constant change means that employees often don’t know where they stand.  
At Tek Experts, we believe in stability and strive to create careers, not just jobs. We’re a growing business which understands that we will only get to where we want to be by creating teams of people who are passionate about what they do.  

As Ting ‘Anna’ Cai, a Service Desk Administrator at Tek Experts China puts it: “We’re like one big family that is very open and accepting of our multi-cultural nature. We are all passionate and want fresh and new experiences so that we can grow together.”  

If you’d like to work in a culture that promotes diversity, innovation and employee happiness, you can – take a look at the IT support jobs that would best suit you.>>

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