Tek Experts does World Cleanup Day

Tek Experts does World Cleanup Day

Imagine if we all joined forces for a day to clean up the planet. The impact would be huge.

Well, you don’t have to imagine the prospect. World Cleanup Day was born 10 years ago in Estonia and now millions of people each year unite to rid the planet of trash. This year’s worldwide clean-up saw 13 million people participate from 155 countries. Tek Experts made up a chunk of those participants, with our IT support staff doing their bit to create a waste-free world.

As well as being an incredible cause, World Cleanup Day allows us to practice what we preach: we believe that we can achieve so much more when working together, and we’re always striving to go the extra mile, because we take pride in exceeding expectations. Here’s a round-up of the efforts made by the Tek Experts teams in each country:


Armed with gloves, bags, wet wipes, water and food for all, every team including our site manager (on his birthday) headed to Knyazhevo Park to give it the Tek Experts special treatment. We ‘Guardians of the Nature’, had a great day all worked as a team to make our world a better place. Those with energy afterwards took the time to enjoy the park and play games.



A 22-strong team proudly took part in the civic movement, clearing every single piece of trash that they came across. Malta’s beaches are considered among some of the cleanest in Europe. This year, the island was also found to be one of the cleanest countries in the world. The volunteers worked up quite a sweat in the heat to ensure that it remains that way!



The team went to Dalian Xinghai Park, where 39 volunteers – including two children – took part in clearing the beach of rubbish. There was a lot of litter and you could see a big difference to the landscape once the volunteers had spent a few hours going up and down the beach with their gloves and rubbish bags. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed, with many people who were playing on the beach congratulating and thanking the team – one person even asked to join in!



An amazing 62 volunteers in Nigeria came forward to take part in the global initiative. As well doing their bit for the environment, the team had a lot of fun working together, raking, digging, picking and packing dirt in the sun. Hard work doesn’t have to be boring, after all! They can’t wait to take part again next year.



The team in Colorado Springs partnered with the city parks and trails division to select a location where a clean-up effort would be most worthwhile. Many bags of trash were removed from the public space and the city parks and trails division were delighted with the volunteers’ work. They will be able to count on the team’s help again next year.


Costa Rica

A group of visionary minds in Costa Rica decided to join the global project that aims to promote a much cleaner planet. The team, made up of a total of 30 volunteers, put on their gloves and traveled to Bajamar beach in Puntarenas to remove as much trash as they were able to. Although there is still much work to be done, undoubtedly the great teamwork had a tangible result that many people in the area will want to imitate.

Commenting on the clean-up efforts made by Tek Experts staff, the company’s CEO Naama Sarr said: “It makes me very proud to see so many of the Tek Experts IT support team get their hands dirty and go the extra mile for the environment. World Cleanup Day is an initiative that we’re committed to and we’ll back out there with our gloves and rubbish bags next year.”

Bonnie Goertzen, COO, added: “I’m thrilled to be part of a company that believes in making the world a better place.”

If you want to work for an environmentally aware IT support company, you can – click here to see the latest vacancies in your region.

If you want to work for an environmentally aware IT support company, you can – click here to see the latest vacancies in your region>>

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