Lyuibitsa Trendafilova, Level 1 Software Engineer / Team Leader, Bulgaria

Meet Lyuibitsa Trendafilova,
Level 1 Software Engineer / Team Leader,

“As soon as I started here, I loved it.”
Working from the Bulgaria office in Sofia, is really great as it’s a central location and very easy to get to. I’m Ljubitsa and I’m a Level 1 Software Engineer and a Team Leader of 20 staff.

My job is to help people – that’s it. So, what means is my day starts with me checking in with the manager and looking at the list of issues customers of our clients have called-in for my team to solve. I see what I can do to help my team and share any advice. We look after several software products and customers in different countries with different languages needs too. I tell my team that it’s really important to build strong relationships with customers and use different forms of communication to do that. Sometimes it’s important to do that by email or a telephone call. We’re not bots or machines, we don’t give the same answer to all our customers equally nor are our customers just a name or a ticket – they’re real people with a real need for help.

When I call a customer, my calls are different I focus on how we can help with the business and the contracts.


Hang out as a team

I make sure we have plenty of fun in and out of office hours. Sometimes we just hang out after work for a coffee or do something as a team like recently we went clay pigeon shooting. It’s not all work and no fun, right?

I wanted to be an engineer from young age. I was impressed with technology and all the things it could do. I remember saving up for a long time so that I could buy myself an organizer. After studying at university, my sister explained what Tek Experts does and how it does it and the fact she’s a Team Leader and knows first-hand what it’s really like. I applied for a job as it seemed to be a wonderful place for me to expand my knowledge. I’ve loved it here since the day I joined. After spending less than a week here, I noticed the supportive relationships between colleagues, I heard the positive comments from the team building activities and just how well my initial training was going.

Women don’t need to be afraid of joining Tek Experts in any of our countries. I don’t get treated any differently and in fact there’s a fair number of women here that hold high responsible jobs. Management promote a positive mind set to everyone and there are plenty of women leaders, Level 2 Engineers and Managers, all helping to move the company forward. In fact, my delivery manager is a woman and one of the first country managers was a woman.

I don’t think it’s as hard as it used to be for women in the IT industry, and we don’t get treated any differently than our male colleagues. I studied so that I had options in my career. I didn’t just focus on technology knowledge at university, I also know I was good with people so I made sure I used my soft skills too. I like to study and I do it while I work here. I’m in the middle of my third degree and I’ve already got plans for my future.

There are so many reasons why I like it here. It’s the relationships and flexibility as well as the experience and the opportunities to grow professionally. I asked management if I could be moved to a different product (databases) because it looked more interesting to support, they made it happen. Now I’m working towards now becoming a manager, I’m young and want to have a long career and I can see my future here.

When I’m not working, or studying or hanging out with my team, I love to play sports. I was into pentathlon so I had to train in five disciplines, it was great fun.

Two bits of advice of anyone thinking of a long-career with us:
  1. Don’t worry you are going to be fine.
  2. Dream big and be prepared to work for what you want, we’ll help you to get there.
Tek Experts showed me that my ideas can become reality. Now I dream big.

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