Giang Le Ngan, Team Leader, Vietnam

Meet Giang Le Ngan,
Team Leader,

“This is the career challenge I wanted”
I joined Tek Experts right after I graduated from university. Before Tek Experts, I had chances to join with couple of companies and gained lots of experiences.

What attracted me to Tek Experts was that it’s a young and dynamic environment with lots of opportunities and challenges. I joined as a Level 1 Technical Support Engineer and was encouraged to continue my technical accreditation and so I worked hard gaining the experience and skills. I was promoted to Team Leader first and then to a Level 2 Technical Support Engineer. By being a Team Leader it meant that I was taking my first steps to help colleagues to complete their tasks. Obviously, we all help each other daily and I was given more responsibility and perhaps a bit harder customer issues to manage.


My next promotion to Delivery Manger was a lot harder, and more challenging than a Team Leader plus a much bigger team. But this is what I wanted to do when I join this is the career challenge I wanted.

Now that I am a Level 2 Manager and I have even more chances to help both engineers and managers of our own and those of our clients with their tasks. At the end of the day, what I want is to create a an innovative, dynamic and creative environment in Tek Experts Vietnam, I want all staff to feel that the company is a home for them and encourage them to process along their career paths. I believe that sharing knowledge, sharing experience, being together through ups and downs, brings more value to the company and customers.

Finally, If I had to give a person who was thinking of joining Tek Expert as a Level 1 Engineer one piece of advice it would be find your passion and opportunities will knock on your door.

If you want to build a career in IT support but don’t have any technical skills, speak to Tek Experts!

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