Marco Ramirez Vargas, Customer Advocate Manager, Costa Rica

Meet Marco Ramirez Vargas,
Customer Advocate Manager,
Costa Rica

“We are one team and we are stronger together.”
I joined Tek Experts at a difficult time in my life. I had quit my job to care for my sick grandmother who was in hospital. Being the wise woman, she encouraged me to go and find a job that I loved. So I asked my friends to recommend me a company that is a great place to work, which led me here. The rest is history!

Amazing support

I was so pleased to get an interview – but I was told it would be in English, which I hadn’t spoken for four years. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to explain myself properly, but thankfully the interview went really well. They offered me the job straight away. I was then given a start date of December 21st – it was like Christmas had come early!

The day after I started at Tek Experts, my grandma was allowed to come home from hospital, so we enjoyed the holidays together. Sadly, she died less than two months later. My friends and colleagues at Tek Experts really helped me through this difficult period. I got sent support notes and flowers, which helped me a lot during that time, and that’s something I’m not going to forget. There’s a lot of value placed on family and friendship at Tek Experts – we are one team and we are stronger together.

Opportunities to grow

We’re a team that’s always growing. In some companies, that might mean that your professional development is forgotten about or you no longer feel a personal connection to the organization, but not at Tek Experts. We all have lots of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

We’re offered new training opportunities. One of my favorite courses was the English boot camp as it meant mixing with people from different teams and lots of fun activities. I’ve learnt lots during my time here, including how to maintain a business conversation with high-level customers. In the future, I’d like to apply for the ‘High Potentials’ program. It teaches you everything you need to know about being a manager. And that’s what I want to do next!

Sense of achievement

One of my best achievements to date is helping one of my customers whose company was in the process of acquiring another business. It was a very busy time for him and he was getting very frustrated with the sheer amount of information he was having to organize. I helped manage the situation, making his life easier. I got some amazing feedback from the customer, who then upped his contract with us By 25%.

My advice for someone thinking of joining Tek Experts would be: prepare to learn, give your best every single day, and be respectful of other people and their cultures. In return, you’ll get loads of opportunities to develop, the chance to work in an awesome, caring team, and so much more!

Tek Experts offers exciting long-term careers and not simply jobs! Find yourself the career you deserve.>>

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