Daniel Marín, Subject Matter Expert , Costa Rica

Meet Daniel Marín,
Subject Matter Expert ,
Costa Rica

“I enjoy being kept on my toes!”
I was brought into Tek Experts Costa Rica to help build a team from scratch. It was a big role, but my experience as both a software engineer and IT project manager meant that I was ready to take on the challenge.

The team has now been up and running for more than ten months and I’m very happy with what we’ve managed to achieve. We’ve a young and ambitious team who want to do the best job they can – they’re all very engaged in any training we deliver and strive for continuous improvement.

Constantly evolving software

The software we manage is a mobile device management product. It allows customers to manage the mobile devices their workforce uses to access company data. The product is easy to understand in terms of its functionality, but it gets more complex once you start to dig a little deeper. Integrations with third-party software and operating systems is particularly testing.

I’m a technology-focused Subject Matter Expert (SME), which means I need to keep up to date with how the product is evolving – because it’s cloud-based piece of software, it’s constantly shifting. Sometimes a feature will be introduced out of the blue, so I will need to quickly get my head around any changes and relay them to the team. I enjoy being kept on my toes!

Knowledge building

Experience with the product isn’t essential to work in the team, but it helps to have basic networking skills, an idea about cloud services and a curious mindset about mobile devices. I developed an understanding of the product through self-learning. I got a set of material from some of the SMEs that already worked here, which helped me ramp up. We also have a really good relationship with the client, so once we’d done our initial knowledge building, they came in to give us some in-depth training.

Knowledge building is a big thing here. The company believes that success is built on open communication. I share knowledge with my colleagues on a day-to-day basis, while we also have weekly meetings to ensure that nothing gets missed. There’s synergy between all of us.

Open culture

This informal communication extends to the relationship I have with my manager. We talk about things fairly conversationally. I really like that he discusses operational projects with me, as well as the day-to-day stuff.

I think the open culture also encourages people to take on more responsibility. I’ve already seen a couple of guys, who I interviewed initially, move up to become top performers in the team – that’s very satisfying. 


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