When people meet technology

Tek Experts is a business built on expertise, excellence and partnerships. We believe in the power of great customer service and a client first approach to all aspects of our business, and that’s what drives us to be the best we can be. Our close-knit team of thousands is growing rapidly and delivers services from seven locations, across five continents. But we share a single vision: to be at the side of companies as they make a difference in the world.

We provide the services of a uniquely passionate and expert workforce that takes intense pride in helping companies manage their business operations and support their customers around the world. Our services are driven by the desire to provide excellence across all areas of both our, and our clients’ businesses. Whether we’re providing software support, software development, sales support and customer advocacy, or security support services, we always provide unrivaled levels of service and expertise, making sure nothing gets in the way of clients leaving their mark on the world.

Tek Experts’ approach to people and talent development is what defines us. We’re known as a place where people grow and develop, and have built a reputation for investing in our talent for the long-term. In an industry where expertise is essential to exceptional customer experiences, retaining our top talent is crucial. That’s why we believe in rewarding great performance, offering opportunities for people to grow within our organization and fostering an environment where collaboration and support are parts of our unique family culture. This approach is crucial to our success and has made us the business we are today and the business we will be in the future.

44% Decrease in customer escalations

16% Increase in customer satisfaction

32% Increase in customer engagement in technical support

Great experiences make happy customers

"Our partnership with Tek Experts was essential to the smooth roll out of our worldwide customer care program. They quickly and professionally took responsibility for sourcing experts in three geographies and supporting many languages. As a result they made sure we were able to meet our highly ambitious targets."

Head of Customer Care Programs, Global IT company

How do we make our ‘customer first’ commitment a reality

Collaboration is key to not only Tek Experts’ success but also to the success of our clients and their customers. Having thousands of experts on hand across five continents means you'll never be short of talent to help support your strategy.


The faces of Tek Experts

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