Rumyana Ivanova, Site Training Manager, Bulgaria

Meet Rumyana Ivanova,
Site Training Manager,

"It’s always nice to come into the office and see all the happy, smiling faces!” 

Hi I’m Rumyana Ivanova and before joining Tek Experts, I was working in a leadership role for one of the biggest call centers in Sofia as training and recruitment manager, so when I joined Tek Experts as a site trainer it was a bit of a sideways move – but it’s been a good one! Within a year, I was back in a leadership position – that’s how fast you can get promoted here.

It was the sense of opportunity that made me want to come here. When I joined, the team had only recently been formed, so I knew I could make a difference.


People-focused ethos

I also like that the company is focused on people and willing to invest in helping staff develop and become the best they can be. Isn’t that what we all want from our employer?

One of my jobs is to inspire people and to support them in their development. I’ve had lots of training for accountability, time management and mentoring. The courses have been fantastic, and I’m such a better leader now.

I also learn a lot from the people around me. There are so many highly skilled people that work here, and they’re all willing to share their knowledge and experience, which is great for everybody.


Collaborative environment

I love working in collaborative environments – I’m open-minded, easy going and can communicate with all types of people. But I know I still have plenty to learn but this is a great environment to do it in – no two days are the same. And there’s a real positive energy around the place. It’s always nice to come into the office and see all the happy, smiling faces!


Embracing the challenge

My role is really varied. I train existing staff, deliver new employee orientation and support operation teams that work in the other Tek Experts sites. To do this job, you definitely need to prioritize your time, but I’m pretty good at that already!

Tek Experts is growing so fast, there are lots of opportunities to develop and take on new responsibilities. If you want to progress your career, and you’ve got the passion and the drive, you can do anything here.

If you want to work where your opinion matters, Tek Experts could be a great fit for you.


If you like the sound of Rumyana’s story, you could be working here too! Find your perfect career today.>>

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