Mohammed Hamed, Level 2 Application Delivery Manager, Malta

Meet Mohammed Hamed,
Level 2 Application Delivery Manager,

“Every morning we sing I love my client”
Mohammed Hamed, Level 2 Application Delivery Manager and I joined in 2014. Firstly, I love my job and I’m very happy here. I focus on the application performance testing of client’s software for reasons like they can’t deliver their projects; they can’t do their performance testing as schedule or they’ve got problems in testing phase. So we receive the technical case to manage and help. We sometimes pull in other experts from around the company to help.

I came from an IT and admin background with lots of security, performance testing, QA and webservices knowledge too. From the very first day of joining I could see that this company was going places and there was plenty of interesting challenges I to help with. I like change and solving problems and beating challenges.

I’ve been here since the doors opened in Tek Experts Malta and it still feels more like a family than working with a bunch of random people. We go out together after work, celebrate birthdays and we cover for each other if we’re ill or on holiday, it’s what you do for family – you help out.

We’ve got plenty of training opportunities here, I’ve offered Linux training and we have someone offering English lessons here too. Because of my soft skill training, I’ve changed quite a few things about me – for the good!

I also like how we can try things to make the customer happier and I don’t mean just delivering them what they want. What we’re doing now is something that helps makes the work easier. We sit in our chairs and at the start of our day we sing “I love my customer”. Yeah, I know it sounds goofy, but it’s our role in this relationship to solve the client’s problem, but if you feel what your client feels, you’re going to give a better service. You don’t have to be more professional or more technically skilled, you just need to feel it with your heart. And it works. Now my team regularly have the client send feedback naming them for the actions and support they gave.

I’m always talking to people outside of work saying they should apply for a job here. I tell them it’s a growing company and there are plenty of challenges and opportunities for you to grow and proof yourself. We’ll also look after you inside work and out. I’ve just helped a new starter find somewhere to live and I check up on people who call in sick, to make sure they are getting what they need to get better.

Being part Egyptian and part Maltese, I love my culture and am very proud of it. I’ve been accepted as an arts volunteer for Valletta– European Capital of Culture.

Interested in working in Malta? Check out our relocate to Malta page for more on this amazing country.

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