Minh Nguyen, Subject Matter Expert, Vietnam

Meet Minh Nguyen,
Subject Matter Expert,

“My social life’s busier now than it’s ever been!”
Compared to Tek Experts, my previous company was quite small in size – there were only around 40 of us, so the opportunities to make friends and socialize were pretty limited, especially for me as I worked remotely.

In the Tek Experts Vietnam offices, there are hundreds of people to get to know. Everybody is around the same age, with similar interests, so it’s very easy to build friendships. My social life’s busier now than it’s ever been.

Collaborative environment

In some IT jobs, it can be difficult to make friends if you don’t have many opportunities to speak to your colleagues. At Tek Experts, we all sit together as a team, communicating face to face. It’s the perfect environment for building meaningful and positive relationships. The offices here have been designed to help us collaboration too, with plenty of breakout areas and a fantastic sky garden too. 

As a Subject Matter Expert colleagues approach me for help with a customer request. I will then go over to their station to check the issue and then figure out the best course of action. It’s really fast and effective communication, meaning you can find an answer for the customer as quickly as possible.

Being able to solve customer requests quickly is one of the best things about Tek Experts. When you work in this ‘Customer First’ way, exceeding their expectations, that makes it really rewarding.

Great client relations

It’s not just in the office that we’re building positive relations. We have great working relationships with our clients – this is very important if we want to do an amazing job. The client keeps us up to date with any changes or improvements to the product – we then share this knowledge with the team so they can use it in their troubleshooting. It’s great getting these updates before anyone else in the world!

If we get a customer request that can’t be solved with our collective knowledge, we can contact the client via email or the chat tool we use for further support. That doesn’t happen all that often and when we get a resolution, we make sure the team shares that knowledge so we don’t have to ask the client again. 

Friends around the world

I’ve even built a friendly relationship with a colleague in Sydney, Australia. I travelled there in January 2018 and while there, I spent some time with my trainer, who is an employee of our client. He trained me during my first few weeks at Tek Experts. We got to speak about life and work, which was fantastic. I don’t think many companies can boost that level of trust and mutual respect. 

I love travelling. I spent 10 years in Singapore and plan to go to Malaysia next. When I’m not exploring the world, I like to read historical books, hang out with my friends, and watch movies. I get really excited to watch any of the upcoming Avengers movie, like Infinity War. My favorite Avenger is Captain America, because he’s a great leader, who’s courageous and comes up with great strategies.

Would you like to work in a team where Minh is helping you learn more?  Love the idea of having a great social life?  Check out all job opportunities both technical like Minh’s and non technical like training and admin support >>

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