Mariya Valeva, Global Training and Enablement Manager, Bulgaria

Meet Mariya Valeva,
Global Training and Enablement Manager,

“I love working in diverse multicultural environments”
I’ve been at Tek Experts for two years now. I was originally brought on board as a training manager in Sofia, but at the start of 2017, I was promoted to global training manager and I now oversee all of the training managers across our six sites. To get on well here, you really need an  international mindset – I love working in diverse environments and my current job has taught me so much about different cultures.

Company values

Tek Experts’ HR manager, and the Global Education Manager, Rick Sullivan, were both in my interview and they explained about all the opportunities here – and they weren’t lying!

One of the things that Tek Experts promises its entire staff is continuous learning and now it’s my job to make sure that happens. It’s not easy keeping everyone happy, and together with my team we strive to be there for everyone!

Enviable in-house

When people first join the company, we need to get their technical skills up to speed. Everybody’s different – some people need more training than others, it just depends on how familiar they are with the products we’re support and using. What’s really nice is that no one is ever left alone to fend for themselves, so you never need to worry about being out of your depth.

Once a newcomer has settled in, they can start thinking about expanding their skills. We ask staff what they want to do and then make it happen. There are so many training courses to choose from, and we’re constantly adding to our catalogue based on the feedback we get.

Looking back at what we have achieved for the past two years makes me feel proud. And the real beauty is that we can do everything in house without sending everyone to external providers. We’re recognized in the IT support industry as being a company that can produce amazing support engineers really quickly.

Enthusiastic environment

All colleagues here in Bulgaria are enthusiastic and that very motivating. I always tell them “compete with yourself, not others” – that way, they’ll do what’s right for them and their career, rather than just following everyone else.

I also think that it pays to take the odd risk. I joined Tek Experts without any in-depth technical knowledge, coming from the financial sector and teaching. But I’ve always believed that if something scares you, go do it. Dare to ask and dare to give!

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