Jingran Tian, Quality Assurance Specialist , China

Meet Jingran Tian,
Quality Assurance Specialist ,

"Within days of joining Tek Experts, I was being trained to be a manager."

As a Quality Assurance Specialist, I monitor my team’s interactions with customers and look at what they’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement. When I do give them feedback, I try to sandwich any constructive criticism with positive feedback. Most people are open to criticism, which makes my job easier.

I also speak to the client to understand any changes to the way they do business which affect us. Our client is a large, fast-paced IT specialist – they’re constantly changing their processes and the structure of the organization. It’s my job to understand why they’re making the changes, so that I can educate the team to keep up.

Tek Experts DNA

Another part of my job involves recruiting and training new hires. When assessing candidates, I look for people who have got the Tek Experts DNA. By that, I mean…

· A sense of responsibility. I want to see that they have the initiative to achieve things own their own.
· Great communication skills. In IT support, you’re dealing with escalations and critical issues, so you need to word things in a way that the customer can understand and accept.
· A team player mindset. We deal with complicated issues and processes every day, so it’s important that people are prepared to share their ideas and best practices with the team, so that we improve together.

Becoming a manager

Tek Experts offered me my first job back in China, having been educated in Canada, which included five years completing an electrical engineering degree. Within a couple of days of joining Tek Experts China, my manager sat me down to discuss where I wanted to go in the future. He said you can either grow your technical expertise or you can work towards being a manager – and I chose manager!

From then on, he involved me in management tasks, telling me what I was doing right and what I could do differently in the future – he was like my very own QA specialist!

After switching to the CritSit team, my new manager, Cherry, has been just as helpful. It is with my managers’ guidance that I’ve become the man I am today. In the future, I hope to  become a Team Manager.

Open, relaxed culture

The culture at Tek Experts China is very similar to the companies I worked at in Canada. People are relaxed but professional. In Tek Experts China, however, people are probably a bit more dedicated, which is down to the Asian culture.

We do lots of company events, social activities and celebrate the different festivals. It’s a fantastic place to work. As we’re always mixing with each other, I have lots of friends outside my team. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been at Tek Experts China, you’ll make friends in no time.

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