George Strimenos, Azure Subject Matter Expert, USA

Meet George Strimenos,
Azure Subject Matter Expert,

"I’m empowered to design my own training where I think it’s necessary."

The initial three-month period at Tek Experts USA was one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of my career. As the Subject Matter Expert for Azure, I was brought on board to train the Support Engineers, analyze business processes, design training, and share knowledge. It was a challenge that helped me to grow
and develop more than I had done for years.

Six months on, the team is really shifting gears. The metrics are looking good – we’re meeting our KPIs – and the verbal feedback from the client has been very positive, too. Sure, there's still room for improvement, there always is, but at Tek Experts USA we believe in continuous improvement.

Positive energy

I previously worked in a similar role at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, so I was used to putting the customer first in an IT support context. The difference at Tek Experts is that everything is done with a positive energy. I think that energy is borne out of the culture, the core values and the growth rate within the company.

The three key things that appealed to me most about Tek Experts were the energetic culture, the employee training and development responsibility, and the opportunity to work with Cloud computing.

Control over training delivery

I’ve delivered training in the past but the difference here is that I’m empowered to design my own training where I think it’s necessary. I spend a lot of time doing engineer case reviews, looking for knowledge gaps in the team. Then, I set about developing training for the engineers to fill those gaps. Sometimes training is devised from existing material, but it’s very much up to me decide what we deliver. Its very rewarding.

One of the courses I deliver is a Cloud Fundamentals class. Often engineers come to Tek Experts limited experience working with this new technology, just because it's so new and changing. So we must start with the basics to ensure they all understand how we use and shape the Cloud technology to meet our clients and their customer needs. I’m setting engineers up for a successful career here. Once they know about the Cloud, they go into the specific training for their line of support.

Blending work with social life

In the past, I’ve tried to keep work and social life separate but that's changed since I started at Tek Experts USA. We recently had some colleagues from our Costa Rica site come over and I really enjoyed showing them around Colorado Springs.

The Springs is a great place to live – I’ve lived here for 20 years – so it was nice to see the place through their eyes. I took them on hikes at the Garden of the Gods and we walked the Seven Bridges Trail.

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