Diego Ramirez, Quality Assurance Specialist, Costa Rica

Meet Diego Ramirez,
Quality Assurance Specialist,
Costa Rica

“Tek Experts is totally Pura Vida!”
If I had to describe what I do as a member of the Quality Assurance team, it would be that we are basically responsible for all the processes and frameworks here in Costa Rica. It’s a really important role as I’m giving feedback to the managers and engineers about how to make sure we comply with our strict agreements and quality assurance promises that we offer our clients and their customers. For each product we support, it has its own framework we have to build and comply to. For one client that’s double figures!

I come from an industrial engineering background specializing on the company services and quality. My job means I have to make sure the quality of everything we offer in Costa Rica is the best. I check all the processes are running well. I apply a lot of knowledge before we offer a service to the customer.

Why Tek Experts?

I joined because I could see it was a great environment, I could learn something different and have the opportunity to increase my knowledge to develop my career. Plus, a phrase I heard over and over again was “we care”. For example, if I look at the customer journey within Tek Experts, I can see everyone who touches the customer and their unique problem all help to move it forward, all owns their part of the process and makes it personal that the customer gets a result. We provide the best effort.

I see how I can grow as a professional too. We have great environment in Costa Rica. If you have a question, you can ask any of your coworkers – all able to give answer with good manners and you don’t see any difference in the answer, either. When you joined you have three weeks of training regardless of your job. You get an overview of the company then focus on soft skill which are really important about how to deal with every single customer. I’ve never learnt soft skills before. After that you get training for systems and our processes. My manager gives training about specific areas. It’s all about continuous improvement.

Right now, I speak English and Spanish and I’m learning Portuguese. Why? Because I love its culture and the languages and a lot of companies are looking for people with additional languages and it’s good keep up with my professional development.

It’s a great company and we love it and love what we do. We always achieve what we set out to do. Never give up, great thinks take time and I promise you will love what you do.

When I’m not at work…

I love travelling, for me it’s the same as reading books. I get time to think too and enjoy the culture, the food and the history of the places. I like to be introspect and look at how things are done in different countries. My favorite country to date is Peru, because it’s got an interesting culture and great history.

I like to listen to people, because I find being an active listener in rewarding and enjoyable. When I’m talking to people I’m able to feel and empathize and put myself in their shoe. If they have a problem and I’ve listened right, it’s

great to give them advice and help them feel better or get a result they need. I know not everyone has this gift and I like to share it. So, if you want a coffee and chat on any topic, I’m ready!

My advice to anyone thinking of joining in any of our offices and any of the roles, go ahead and apply. It’s really good and you learn a lot as a person and as a professional. I love this job and I wake up pretty much every morning saying it’s a wonderful day. Tek Experts is totally pura vida.

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