Luis Guillermo Campos Vargas - Costa Rica Site Manager

Luis Guillermo Campos Vargas - Costa Rica Site Manager

Why are company values important?

Values set the foundation for who we are as an IT support company. They are at the center of everything we do and determine how we all behave. The values are transmitted from the top of the organization and are spread across the whole company.  

Tek Experts has operations in seven countries and while we all work to the same core values, every country has its own distinct culture and belief systems. So, we as Site Managers, have the flexibility to apply the values as we see fit.

How do you ensure that Tek Experts retains its core values?

I place a lot of faith in the management team. I trust them to work in accordance with the company values. That way, when new people come into the organization and look to their manager as a guide for how to behave, they have the perfect role model. The majority of the leadership team have been here for years, so they don’t need to think about how to act, it just comes naturally.

What are some of the initiatives you use to reinforce the company values?

We have lots of initiatives that serve to reinforce the company values. 
Every other Friday, we bring the two sites in Costa Rica together to recognize some of the employees who have gone the extra mile in their work. I also take this time to share a story about a famous person who shares our values – a business leader, actor, sportsperson etc. – and reveal how they’ve put them into practice.

We also throw two amazing parties every year, which is a great chance for people to come together and bond. The parties are often all-day events, with teams from both sites invited to forget about work for the day and have some fun.

In order to help new starters settle in and adapt to expectations, we arrange for a mentor, who is normally a senior engineer, to transmit the values, best practices and expected behaviors.

Meanwhile, the managers will meet once a quarter to discuss operational objectives, which provides them with an opportunity to highlight ways in which the values can be communicated even more effectively and improve our IT support.

What do you believe is the secret to your team’s success?

Transparency. Everybody wants to belong to a group, but in order to feel that sense of belonging, they need to see transparency from leaders, so they can truly believe that we’re all in this together.  

What can people expect as an employee at Tek Experts Costa Rica?

Great offices, in a prime location. We are located on the east side of the capital. Not many companies are based on this side, but I believe it’s preferable for our team, as most of them live and socialize in this area.

We also offer private medical cover. Sometimes we will even bring a doctor to the site, so that people don’t need to go and seek medical advice for any symptoms they might have.   

All our benefits are driven by the feedback we’ve received from our employees, so they’re very much tailor-made.

What type of leader are you?

Open, honest and fair. I can be quite demanding, but if you show you’re willing to succeed with your career and your customer success, I’ll support you all the way. I like sharing my story with people, explaining where I’ve come from and highlighting both my mistakes and my successes.

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