How to make your LinkedIn profile a recruiter’s dream

How to make your LinkedIn profile a recruiter’s dream

If you're applying for IT jobs, you can guarantee the recruitment team will head straight to your LinkedIn profile. It will help them decide if you’re the right person for the role so, you better ensure that yours screams “hire me!”

Even if you’re not actively applying for new roles, it’s definitely worth updating and optimizing your LinkedIn page – you just don’t know who’s looking at it with a vacancy in mind.

It really doesn’t take much time and effort to get your LinkedIn profile in good shape either – within 30 minutes, you can turn yourself into a recruiter’s dream and have more IT job offers than you can cope with.

Here are our top tips for turning profile views into IT job interviews:

Use a professional profile photo

There isn’t a great deal of opportunity to incorporate visuals into your LinkedIn page, but you do have your profile photo. Ensure that it’s as professional as possible – a simple headshot against a clean background. If that means taking a new selfie, then so be it!

Profiles with a photo get up to 21 times more views and up to 36 times more messages, according to LinkedIn career expert Blair Decembrele. So, get snapping until you take a picture you’re happy with.

Don’t undersell yourself

You’re right to think that there is such a thing as too much information when it comes to completing your LinkedIn profile. Try to keep the role summaries to 50 words and the summary statement at the top of the page to no more than 100 words, covering your skills, motivation and interests.

But, at the same time, you don’t want to undersell yourself. It’s all about knowing what to include and what to leave out. Once again, Decembrele’s stats act as a good guide. Users who list their education appear in searches up to 17 times more often than those who don’t, while including the location you want to work in will make you appear in up to 23 times more searches.

Use keywords in your copy

When recruiters are on the lookout for candidates, they’ll use certain keywords and popular terms to narrow their search. If you can marry those search terms with the words on your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be onto a winner. Use Google's Keyword Planner to help define your keywords – it'll show you the most popular keywords relevant to a particular search.

Just remember not to overdo it on the keywords. You still want your profile to have some personality so that you stand out when it’s read.

Get networking

LinkedIn is a social network, not just somewhere to house your resume online. Used the right way, it can be a superb networking tool. Initially, to build up your connections, send out personalized connection requests to those people who you know either personally or professionally. But don’t just leave the relationship there. Actively engage with contacts and the companies you'd like to work at by liking, sharing and commenting on their activity.

Also, contrary to what some people might tell you, it’s not a complete faux pas to connect with someone you’ve never met – as long as you do it in a professional way.

You never know where a connection or a profile view might lead on LinkedIn. If you say and do the right things, it might just yield the IT job opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Remember, it pays to be proactive. Even if you don’t think you’ve got all the necessary skills and experience for a role, it’s worth putting your name forward anyway – especially at Tek Experts where we're looking less for experience and more for that special Tek Experts' DNA!

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