Tek Talk: How debate is helping to improve English skills in Vietnam

Tek Talk: How debate is helping to improve English skills in Vietnam

Vietnam is making steady progress with its English skills. The nation currently ranks 41st out of 88 participating countries and territories in terms of general English skills, according to the latest league table by Education First (EF).
At Tek Experts Vietnam, we’re doing our bit to get the country higher up the table by empowering our staff to not only speak in English but also to debate an issue in their second language.
Tek Talk was introduced in October 2018 to help people become more comfortable and confident speaking English by discussing something they’re passionate about. So far, we’ve had staff members talk about topics from fashion to family. And the most convincing and compelling speakers are rewarded with a monetary prize!

How does Tek Talk work?

There are two rounds to the competition. In the first round, the speakers are given a random keyword and with only one minute’s preparation, they must speak passionately in front of the camera about what the subject means to them. All Tek Experts Vietnam staff are encouraged to head to the Tek Talk YouTube channel and cast their votes.
The second round takes place in the amazing Sky Garden, where speakers will be randomly assigned a partner. Together, they must take a random topic and present a strong case, whatever that might be and the lucky winners are awarded with a prize of 3.000.000VNĐ.

What are the benefits of Tek Talk?

The first competition in October was extremely popular with 40 people applying to speak, while many more came and watched the event. As well as being an opportunity for native Vietnamese speakers to improve their English, it’s also a brilliant way of bringing people together. By randomly partnering people up to debate, participants get to know each other, make new friends and work more collaboratively post-competition.
This is just one of the many team-building activities we run at Tek Experts Vietnam. Check out the Facebook page to see more or to find out more about the competition, head over to the Tek Talk YouTube channel and search for #1minchallenge.

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