Hoa Tran Kim (Hana), Team manager, XBOX, Vietnam

Meet Hoa Tran Kim (Hana),
Team manager, XBOX,

“I’m managing my own team in less than 3 years!” 

It’s not just technical skills that can help you achieve a great career in IT. If you’re a ‘people-person’ who can empathise with customers, you’ll soon be flying up the career ladder, too!
That’s what happened to Hoa Tran Kim, also known as Hana. “I joined Tek Experts just two and a half years ago as a Technical Support Advocate. I quickly moved on to be a Quality Analyst and now I’m a team manager for the XBOX team,” she explains.
“Before I joined Tek Experts I was working at a Japanese company and then I spent a year in a travel start-up. My background is not in IT at all – it’s in customer service. Tek for me is like a perfect crossover of technical and customer service skills.”

No IT experience? No problem!

So how did Hana learn about the role at Tek? “One of my high school friends was working in the Talent Acquisition team for Tek Experts back then, so I saw the ad on her Facebook page. The company wanted to recruit technical support people for Microsoft Office 365. I remember they were looking for good English speakers, preferably with IT knowledge.”
The key word here is ‘preferably’, as Hana found out.

“I wanted to get a job in the IT field but, at the time, I didn’t have a lot of IT experience – I had some experience of call handling but not much. What really stood out for me was that the ad didn’t emphasize IT experience – it just said ‘preferably’. What they really wanted here was English skill and enthusiasm for customer service. I think this type of wording makes people feel more confident about applying for jobs when they don’t have the exact experience.”

Taking care of the team

As Hana explains, looking after the wellbeing of her team members is as important as hitting her KPIs.
“As a Team Manager here, I make sure that we hit our KPIs set by both Microsoft and Tek Experts. But I also take care of the development plan for my team to ensure they can see a clear career path for the future.
“The company also tries to provide a comfortable environment for its team members. Here in Hanoi, we set up two rooms where team members can go at lunchtime to take a nap. In Vietnam, we have afternoon siestas – much like they do in Spain – so we bought some bean bags and have dark rooms for people to have quiet, calm and undisturbed naps after lunch – it helps us all to have some rest in the middle of the day.
“As a manager I have to make sure my team has the right mindset for work but also
not to make them feel too pressurized! Our main concern is that everyone improves. I want them to see the results of their hard work and see what’s coming next for them in the company in terms of their careers.”
And it’s not only during working hours that Tek Experts looks after its team members.
“Aside from work, the company also organizes sports clubs like kickboxing clubs and monthly book clubs in the Lotte building, so there are plenty of ways we can relax with our friends away from our desks,” adds Hana.

What’s next for Hana?

“I’ve been a Team Manager now for almost a year but this is a position that requires
a lot of experience and self-reflection. My direct manager supports me a lot, catching up with me every week to check on my progress. I’m hoping in the next few years I will gain more experience and proceed to a more senior role – maybe the manager of the whole XBOX division – but, at the moment, I love being the manager of my team.
“I think that Tek Experts puts a lot of effort into finding just the right people – people who have the right mindset with enthusiasm for customer service. You don’t have to have previous experience in IT to work at Tek Experts – if you have the right attitude and you strive for improvement, you are more than welcome here.”
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This title reflects Hana's key achievement of quick promotion
This is a key highlight for Hana, being promoted so quickly within 2 and a half years

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