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Tek Academy: Setting young people up for successful IT careers

The Tek Academy program in Vietnam has been a huge success. So far, more than 80% of Tek Academy graduates have gone on to secure their first IT jobs.

The Tek Academy program in Vietnam has been a huge success. So far, more than 80% of Tek Academy graduates have gone on to secure their first IT jobs.

The program, created and run by Tek Experts Vietnam, provides young people with the skills and knowledge to build a long and rewarding career for themselves in the IT industry.

Unique to Vietnam, Tek Academy is completely free for students. As well as giving them a solid IT education, the program aims to bring talent into the company, with the best students often offered IT jobs at Tek Experts Vietnam.

So, what does it feel like to take part in the Tek Academy program? We spoke to some recent graduates to get their feedback on what the course has meant to them.

Dang Huong says…

“I thought that two weeks of training wouldn’t improve my IT knowledge much. But after just two workshops, I found that I understood a lot more about what the job would entail and the services that Tek Experts Vietnam provides. The soft skills training also exceeded my original expectations.

“I was impressed by the Tek Academy from the very first day. When we arrived, we were welcomed with tea, coffee, cakes and more!”

Vu Tuan Anh says…

“I used to think that I was a shy, boring person. But after spending time in the Tek Academy, I now feel more confident to communicate. The teachers have also given me useful suggestions to get balance in my life.”

The Anh says…

“My classmates were humorous and friendly. After school, we’d hang out and have many great times.”

We also chatted to an English teacher, Patrick O’Grady, who works in the Tek Academy. Part of the program is ensuring that graduates come away from it confident enough to use their English-speaking skills in a real-life work environment.

"I’ve never known a school have as many high-potential students as Tek Academy,” he said. “Students actively communicate in English. They’re very enthusiastic to follow each teacher request.

“Initially, due to their undeveloped communication skills, the students are shy. But after growing more confident, they start to speak up – and you can see them becoming more mature with each lesson.

“I think it’s great that Tek Experts Vietnam is putting on a program like this for the community, where young people learn and freely express their opinions. I believe that with the sharing culture here, awareness of Tek Academy will spread through word of mouth and help the Vietnamese community to thrive. Even if students don’t ultimately build their IT careers at Tek Experts, the Tek Academy is a great place to start.”

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