Nikolay Apostolov, Delivery Manager, Bulgaria

Meet Nikolay Apostolov,
Delivery Manager,

“Knowledge sharing is a big thing at Tek Experts”

Tek Experts give young people a chance to establish themselves in the IT industry. They gave me my first software support engineer job after graduating from university. A friend of mine convinced me to apply for a job here, explaining that it’s a company which values young people. He wasn’t wrong. I haven’t looked back since I’ve joined.

I think Tek Experts place their faith in young people because they know that while they might not have much experience, they’ve got lots of motivation and ambition. You can go a long way when you’ve got a group of people who all have the enthusiasm and drive to succeed. It’s incredible seeing young people develop both personally and professionally right before your eyes.


Earn your opportunities

I started as a Level One Software Support Engineer. Within a year, I was promoted to Team Leader. Then, nine months after that I took up the role of Service Delivery Manager. Opportunities don’t come without hard work, but why should they?

If you’re prepared to learn new things in your own time, as well as at work, you can make great strides here. Sometimes you need to be a self-learner and build knowledge without any formal training. I try to learn something new every day, whether it’s from a training resource or a colleague sharing their knowledge with me.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is a big thing here. It’s happening all the time. As a Service Delivery Manager, I am responsible for providing training to my team. The technical training I deliver is based on my knowledge and experience with the products, having got to know them inside out as a Software Support Engineer.

I also share knowledge with my peers by explaining to them how I’ve managed to meet my KPIs, so they can replicate my success with their own teams. It feels good knowing that I’m helping my friends be successful.


Proud moments

I’ve had lots of proud moments at Tek Experts. I recently started managing a second team, which potentially meant twice as much work. But I’ve found a way of cross-training both teams, with a view to them become one team eventually.

Basically, I’ve identified the similarities in functionality between the different products that they work with and designed training that suits all needs. Eventually, if anybody was to move out of the team, the impact will be relatively minor as there’s somebody else in the group who has the skills to fill the gap.

The thing that I’m most proud of, though, is managing senior engineers. They trust my technical knowledge and my management skills. Most importantly, they know they I want the best for them. I try to give them the same opportunities that I’ve had. Recently, one of the engineers got promoted up to an L3 Engineer – the highest technical position in Tek Experts – which made me very happy.

I’m looking forward to many more proud and happy moments in the future!

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