Laura Powell, Service Desk Administrator, USA

Meet Laura Powell,
Service Desk Administrator,

“It feels like this is the job I’d been looking for my whole life"
Hi. I’m Laura based in the Colorado Springs office as a Sales Assist. I get to investigate my client’s censing software contracts as well as assist in data clean-up. But the other role I have that got me my career at Tek Experts quickly was providing a dedicated premium Japanese service.

I split my time between the two teams which makes me a great multitasker. The Japanese support team makes sure customer’s technical issues are worked on all the time, 24/7. Because we offer a global service, we technically provide the night shift from Colorado to customers in Japan. This means we’re working while my customers are asleep. We have the follow the sun model so my colleagues at the end of their day hand over the customer’s technical issue for me to work on during their night and in their morning, we pass back the issue having moved it forward.

Bilingual skills gave me an adventure

I got my skills while I finished my International Affairs degree at a university in Japan and decided to stay for a mini adventure. Eight years later, after many jobs including teaching English and working as a translator, I decided to come back to America to be with my aging family. Family is important to me.

Like I said it was my Japanese skills that got me the job at Tek Experts. The recruiter and I talked about the role and I must confess I did tell them I didn’t know much about IT. But when we talked more and I got to see the office and the people I thought I’d give it a try plus I got to keep using my Japanese. They were right, it’s not about my skills in IT that matters, it’s my openness and flexibility. My co-workers are both older and younger than me and are all supportive and friendly and we have good fun. That’s why in some ways it feels like this is the job I’d been looking for my whole life.

Would I recommend someone to join Tek Experts? Sure. Go on, give it a try. Tek Experts is the perfect place to help bring the best out of you. We’re all very encouraging, and even if your team is remote you’ll always get a friendly ‘hey, you can do this ’or ‘what can I do to help you?’ message. Tek Experts is very open minded to you learning and growing and I would say be flexible, go with the flow and you’ll get the time and plenty of hands on opportunities to learn new skills.

Outside of work I’m attempting to study SQL and Linux as I had an interest in IT-like coding and how things work behind the scenes. I also love Yosakoi, which is a type of Japanese festival dance, but there were no groups in Colorado Springs. So, I started one and teach it myself and we perform at local events.

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