Mandy Hagen, Customer Advocate Manager, Malta

Meet Mandy Hagen,
Customer Advocate Manager,

"Tek Experts has allowed me to turn a hobby into a career"

I was born in Holland and ever since I was a child, me and my family have travelled the world. As a result, I've gained a lot of valuable inputs; including interpersonal skills and growth. Before returning to Holland in 2008, I spent some time in the United States, which was great for acing my English. I lived in California, Arizona and Nevada; including Reno and Las Vegas– they were all great places, but California was my favourite because I love being by the coast and my family lives there. That might explain why I chose Malta as the next country in my journey.

Settling in Malta

I don’t want to be continually moving my whole life. I now like the idea of staying in one place, as it helps provide some stability for me and my cats! I feel very settled here – I've been in Malta for three years now.

The country is great, the people are great and I have a job that i am excelling in, so it ticks a lot of boxes. I’m not the only expat at Tek Experts Malta who likes the idea of staying on the island long-term. The team here is made up of people from all different nationalities, many of which have been here a long time. We have a big banner hanging in the office which shows the flags of all the different countries that are represented in the team.

One of my favorite things to do is to drive around in Malta, taking in the scenery and finding some nice views and secluded beaches. The traffic can be pretty busy here, but because we have flexibility over what time we start and finish work, I can ensure that I’m on the road when it’s a little quieter.

Turning a hobby into a career

I didn’t have much of background in IT support before joining Tek Experts Malta. I’ve always been into computers and technology since I was very young. My understanding of operating systems, software and licenses has always been good. I’m also interested in web design and development. Tek Experts has allowed me to turn a hobby into a career.

Prior to joining Tek Experts, I was working in a bank in Malta. I came to the realization of what i really wanted to focus on; as i am passionate about communication, I wanted to have more meaningful interactions with customers and stakeholders. I did not like the generic conversations I was having day to day. As a CAM at Tek Experts, I have the flexibility to manage my own agenda through account management and i can build ongoing relationships with my customers. I now feel more valued and more passionate about what I do and i have broadend my network tremendously.

There have been some opportunities to work towards a Subject Matter Expert role. However, I’m still finding my current role enjoyable and challenging, so I want to focus on my accounts for now – but in the future, who knows?

I’m a big believer in fulfilling and exceeding your full potential in one role before moving onto the next opportunities.

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