Team building at Tek Experts February 2019

Team building at Tek Experts February 2019

At Tek Experts, the culture is one that understands that there is more to life than work. While ultimately that’s what we’re all here to do, it’s just as important that everyone can have a bit of fun from time to time.
Here’s how the Tek Experts teams around the world have been bonding over the last month or so…


Tek Experts China celebrates its fifth anniversary

The start of the year marked the fifth anniversary of the Tek Experts hub in China. To honor the occasion, staff designed special souvenir hoodies, which we think look amazing!
The ‘high five’ on the back of the hoodies is to symbolize both the fifth anniversary and the incredible teamwork that has made the Dalian hub what it is today. Well done, team!


Tek Experts Bulgaria have their gaming wishes granted

In the recent Tell Tek survey – where Tek Experts team members get a chance to make suggestions about how office life can be improved – one idea kept coming up again and again in Bulgaria: gaming consoles.
The management team agreed that it would help staff bond and have a bit fun during their breaks, so their wishes were granted. An Xbox One was placed on every floor of the hub with a selection of games including Mortal Kombat, FIFA 2019 and Tekken. Let the games begin!


Tek Experts Nigeria discusses women in tech

Tek Experts love to promote diversity in IT anywhere we can and our female team members at the Nigeria hub got together recently for a roundtable discussion about the state of the tech industry and what can be done to encourage more women to forge an IT career.
Chaired by Global COO Zhenya Fileva-Dobriyanova, there was plenty of knowledge and valuable insight shared around the table. These meetings are regular and supported by C-suite executives in the company to show how seriously we take the issue. If you want to learn more about the issues affecting women in tech, keep a lookout for our Women in IT White Paper, coming soon.


Tek Experts Vietnam share their favorite quotes

It was competition time in February for the teams in Vietnam. The rules were simple: borrow a book from the new Knowledge Tree Library; share a meaningful quote from the book; post it on Facebook with the hashtags #TekExperts #KnowledgeTreeLibrary and #QuoteItYourStyle.
The competition is now closed so head over to the Tek Experts Vietnam Facebook page to find out the winning quote!


Tek Experts USA enjoy some non-uniform days

Nothing boosts morale quite as well as a non-uniform day. In our Colorado Springs hub, teams have had a few opportunities to leave their usual work attire at home in the last couple of months.
First there was ‘Hat Day’. Held on National Hat Day back in January, the event encouraged team interaction through a sense of fun – the hats proved to be great conversation starters! Then there was ‘Pyjama Day’ which meant people could literally roll out of bed and into work, if they wanted to!
Thirdly, there were Superbowl parties for anyone who is a fan of the sport. Staff were allowed to wear their team’s colors for the day and cheer on their superstar heroes.

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