Creating a best-in-class customer success management service – Jonathan Araya

Creating a best-in-class customer success management service – Jonathan Araya

Jonathan Araya heads up our Customer Success Management (CSM) department at Tek Experts. Having joined in 2014, he is now responsible for over 250 staff, and the only division within Tek Experts that has staff across all six of our sites.

We spoke to him in order to understand what it takes to deliver a best-in-class CSM service and how his personal vision helps to shape what we offer our clients and their customers.

My role at Tek Experts brings plenty of variation and an ability to deliver on my vision of excellent customer success management in the global market of customer support services. First and foremost, my job is to lead my team – enhancing, enabling and coaching the leaders of the local teams, communicating what we are doing well, what needs to be improved and where we are heading as an organization.

Secondly, I act as the link between the client and the Tek Experts CSM team, listening to clients and feeding back on areas of opportunity we have identified.

Beyond my technical support responsibilities, I am also the global leader internally when it comes to devising business development strategies for new and existing clients. It is so rewarding when I see my vision for our clients become reality.

Passion for developing talent

If you were to ask me what the most important part of my role is, I’d say it is to effectively manage my team. Because if you have the vision and personality to build a team of happy employees, who are given the opportunities to grow and develop, they will reflect this in their work with the customer, making us more successful. As we say at Tek Experts, happy team member means happy clients.
I love to develop talent. I take great pleasure in spotting ‘hidden diamonds’ and giving them the platform to go and build a successful career.

In my experience, while many companies offer great benefits, compensation, etc, few will be able to set you up for a career as a professional. That’s what we promise and deliver to our people at Tek Experts.

However, it’s not always easy to get people to see what they are capable of – in fact, it’s one of my greatest challenges. Often, we get staff who have come from organizations where they were told “you are here to do a job.” It can take a long time to turn that mindset around, to make them feel like they are a vital part of the business, not just a cog in the machine.

Tek Experts’ USPs

As a global leader, I get to work with people from all cultures and backgrounds. From a business perspective, it can be difficult to build a unified culture with lots of different cultures and experiences to consider, but that’s far outweighed by the benefits of working in a diverse environment. This is one of the things that we believe sets us apart from the competition.

Another unique selling point that marks us out as ‘best in class’ is our proactive approach. Instead of waiting for the client to come to us asking for a solution or a better way of doing things, we go to them. We are very transparent with our clients, telling them what needs to be improved so that issues are resolved quickly and do not become damaging to their business.

Good CSM is all about anticipating customer needs. I encourage our team to look beyond the situation they are managing, and to identify how else the customer could benefit if you could provide it to them proactively. When employees start to think proactively, they feel like they are having a worthwhile input, coming up with new ideas – and that’s crucial for job satisfaction.

It’s also important for developing trusting relationships with our clients. As a company, we want to do the very best for our clients to become their trusted partner. If that means focussing on only a small set of clients then so be it – we’d rather do a ‘great’ job for our existing clients than take on more clients and only do a ‘good’ job.

To the future…

 Looking ahead, I’m hungry to help Tek Experts grow even further in size and capabilities – it was the main reason I joined the company in the first place. Senior management which I am part of the team, allowed me and continue to let me build from scratch, rather than trying to fix what has already been built.

I’ve only been here three years but what we’ve managed to achieve in that time would take other companies much, much longer. I can’t wait to see where we are three years from now.

Read more about the Tek Experts customer success management solution here or check out CSM jobs on our careers page.

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