Chung Nguyen Xuan, Microsoft Dynamics software support engineer – L3, Vietnam

Meet Chung Nguyen Xuan,
Microsoft Dynamics software support engineer – L3,

“Tek Experts helps me to follow my passion!”

Do you have a passion for IT but you’re not sure how to take your first step into the industry? That’s exactly how Chung Nuguyen Xuan (Fabi) felt – but then he found Tek Experts.
“Before I joined the company, I studied a bachelor’s degree in Spanish for four years at
university,” he explains. “I was also studying IT while I was there but I had to reduce the school hours when I had to travel far away for work.
“After graduating, I worked for a construction company as the assistant to the director. Then I saw the role at Tek Experts advertised on a website for IT jobs and immediately sent my CV. The job was Spanish and English Critical Situation Manager, which I thought would be perfect for me given my passion for IT and my knowledge of the Spanish language.”
Fabi’s enthusiasm for the role was recognised during his interview and even though he didn’t have direct IT experience, he landed the job straight away. “I was the connection
between the engineer and the customer, working to deliver the communications
between the two, escalating the case or taking over the task and working with the
engineer in order to expedite a resolution,” he says.

A passion for IT

Fabi’s real passion was for IT, so he focused on building his skills in this area.
“I really enjoyed the Crit Sit role but after working there for a year, I realized that my true passion is for IT. Thankfully, I had built up enough experience with the Microsoft Dynamics
program to propel myself onto a technical path when the opportunity arose.”
Fabi’s chance to side-step into a technical role quickly presented itself and because of his dedication to learning, he was ready to make the transition.
“My main responsibilities now as a Senior Support Engineer are performing technical reviews, training and managing the customer escalations scenarios.
“In both of my positions, I have been involved in the management side of things as well. I enjoy the management aspect and I have learnt a lot about managing people from the managers around me. I feel like I can now bring a lot more value to the team and the company as a whole.”

The potential to succeed

It didn’t take long for the managers to recognise Fabi’s potential for progression.
“Normally every six months the management team will select people who they feel have the potential to succeed as trainers and I was chosen for this training,” says Fabi. “We were coached by the internal training teams at Tek Experts, as well as the Microsoft training partner, so we got a great understanding of both the technical and process sides of the business.”[1] 

What’s next for Fabi?

Fabi knows that the technical career path is the right one for him, so his next goal is to become a subject matter expert (SME).
“In order to achieve this, I know that I need to learn a lot more and improve my skills,” says Fabi. “But here at Tek Experts, you can get promoted quickly if you have the right mindset. Having the will to learn is the most important thing.”
So would Fabi recommend Tek Experts to his friends? “If any of them have an interest in IT, I would happily recommend Tek Experts – it’s definitely a place where you are encouraged to grow.”

Fabi’s 3 favorite things about Tek Experts

  1. The working environment - “There is a willingness to share knowledge here that helps everyone to learn and progress.”
  2. The recognition - “The management team recognised my potential and put me through the training to get me to the next level.”
  3. The chance to make new friends - “I have made a lot of friends since joining the company. I also have a big passion for football – we have a football league here twice a year, which I really enjoy.”
Follow your passion, just like Fabi, and see the latest roles at Tek Experts Vietnam today.
This is one of Fabi's key achievements - being selected for the Trainer training

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