A team that plays together, stays together

A team that plays together, stays together

The office environment should be a place to feel productive. Yet the social aspect of human nature can’t be ignored – office environments often serve as social hubs that bring people together, creating new, otherwise impossible friendships. Companies that recognize and encourage socializing in the workplace can expect greater productivity resulting in healthier employee engagement. As we say at Tek Experts, “A team that plays together, stays together.”
However, “You can’t expect a healthy culture to grow without fostering a positive environment from the top down”, explains Kindra Connelly, HR Manager from Colorado Springs, USA.
“Great culture cannot be forced,” she says. “It’s about creating an environment where people feel comfortable working together, whether that be asking their colleague a question or speaking to their manager.
She adds: “This open culture is conducive to building healthy working relationships, where employee engagement is high, workers want to participate in social activities, and they feel accepted as individuals.”

How Tek Experts brings its teams together


     1. Intelligently designed offices

Office design plays a big part in facilitating employee interaction. Lori Goler, chief people officer of Facebook, spoke about creating an environment “where people can collaborate; they can innovate together.” Its offices have been made so that people “spontaneously” bump into each other, which Facebook believes is key to the exchange of ideas and strong relationships.


Tek Experts, too, has put a lot of thought into how it designs its offices, with emphasis on our employees being able to get resolutions quickly and with minimum fuss. Open and light spaces for breakout and impromptu meetings, and quiet areas for reading are just two examples.

     2. Flat organizational structure

Unlike the traditional hierarchy, which tends to result in one-way communication and everyone at ‘the top’ with all the information and power, a ‘flatter’ structure seeks to open up the lines of communication and collaboration while removing layers within the organization.

While minimum forms of hierarchy exist in Tek Experts’ model, those in leadership positions are very approachable, with clear channels of communication, which means an improved employee experience.

     3. Activity days

There’s lots of debate about whether team building away days truly help companies improve the communication and overall morale of its employees. In our experience, off-site activities can create the perfect opportunity for co-workers to become more motivated as a group – but they need to be supported by efforts to encourage team building in the office environment too.

We recently gave our team in China the opportunity to get involved in a day of fun which included a boat trip, a barbeque, and beach games. The pictures tell the whole story.

Tek Experts also gives employees the opportunity to visit other offices around the world – now that’s what you call an away day! With offices in Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Malta, Vietnam, the United States and Nigeria, working for Tek Experts could be your chance to see the world, as well as providing a platform to make some lifelong friends.

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