Meet Vu Duy Anh

  • Name: Meet Vu Duy Anh
  • Role: Technical support engineer
  • Location: Vietnam

This is a great place to improve not just your working skills but also to grow your career.

Day-to-day responsibilities:

I am responsible for handling Unified Functional Testing software support cases and work directly with customers to resolve their technical issues as fast and efficiently as possible. I am also a bridge between customers and our backline support.

How I got here:

I am a person all about technology. I studied Information Technology and eventually received my degree in Management Information Systems. My philosophy is to never stop exploring and at Tek Experts I get the opportunity to always learn more.

My Tek Experts Story:

I heard about Tek Experts when I came back to Vietnam after 6 years studying in Finland and then United States. I understood the company was a big player in the market and growing quickly. As soon as I started I understood that although the company is young, it offers many benefits and particularly an environment where I can see myself growing as an individual as well as within the organization.

I officially joined Tek Experts on January 2nd 2015 and I have been working with a lot of brilliant people since. I have even had an opportunity to learn about more products and put my analyst skills to good use.

Why I joined Tek Experts:

I was hungrily looking for a company where I could really develop my skillset and gain more real life experience. As a newly qualified graduate I was very ambitious with my career path and saw that Tek Experts could offer me the opportunity to do that.

I was lucky to be interviewed by Tek Experts and was immediately impressed by how professionally every process was handled. I was amazed at how skilled the people at Tek Experts were and impressed by the professional mentality of the company as a whole. At that moment, realized this was the company I wanted to work for, this is the environment I wanted to work in and these were the people I wanted to work with.

How I’d describe my day

Every day, I go to work with the mindset of wanting to help people. I not only offer support to my customers but also to my colleagues as well as getting help and support from them. It’s great that at Tek Experts sharing knowledge is a constant process which everybody does subconsciously. I learn new things across every aspect of my job. I learn from seniors, colleagues, and customers as well.

Sometimes it can get busy and be stressful but I always perceive it as a challenge which I like to overcome.

However, my day is not only about work; I still have time for personal hobbies. I have been organizing video game tournaments since 2007 and like the fact that working at Tek Experts does not mean I can’t enjoy my most passionate hobby.

Why people should join Tek Experts

Firstly, Tek Experts is where your knowledge and skills are highly valued. They are willing to offer great benefits to match what you have to offer in return. Secondly, working in a young and professional environment triggers the competitiveness in each and every person. It has been proved that throughout human history, competitiveness is a mandatory factor for growth. At Tek Experts, there are enough opportunities for a person to grow both knowledge-wise and career-wise.

Lastly, it’s the teamwork that will get you very far in the future. At Tek Experts, people are willing to offer their help to one another. But the great thing is that it does not only happen within work; it carries on outside of work as well. That’s the reason people here are always so close and like to spend time with each other.