Meet Trang To Minh

  • Name: Meet Trang To Minh
  • Role: Duty manager
  • Location: Vietnam

If you are looking for a ‘journey’ full of learning and development chances; if you’re looking for challenges, fun, and an awesome team spirit and want to be well paid off for your dedication, then Tek Experts is the place to be!

My day-to-day responsibilities

As a Duty Manager, I am the first line of communication for customers who need more help. I do sometimes deal with dissatisfied clients but I like the fact that I can understand their concerns and help then be happier. It’s a great feeling when you leave a customer feeling happy.

How I got here

I earned my Master of Business Administration in 2011 and then worked in several areas such as non-governmental organizations and international education before officially joining Tek Experts in April 2014. One day when I was reading the news online I saw a job advertisement for Tek Experts and wanted to find out more. After that I was definitely interested and took the opportunity without hesitation.

It’s been more than a one year now and I feel so privileged to have been on this journey to Duty Management at Tek Experts. It’s a job which provides me with a chance to work with different people globally and that’s key for me.

My Tek Experts Story

I recall my first day at Tek Experts like it was yesterday. It appeared to be a modest office space with small number of young and energetic people. But, after just one year and with the non-stop support of talented people the site has grown massively. And yes, I’m proud to be part of that team!

Tek Experts is a family of young, active, IT savvy and dedicated people. Working in customer service is never easy; it is a challenging job, so you have to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to do the best.

I don’t deny the job can be intensive sometimes and I stressful of course, however, if you accept it, try to find excitement in it and learn how to balance your work-life you’ll enjoy yourself. Trust me!

Why I joined Tek Experts

At Tek Experts we are strongly encouraged to develop ourselves through sharing ideas, self-learning and making the most of the training courses. While people’s background and experience is diverse, I’ve always found something I can learn from my colleagues even from the youngest ones. If you want to keep learning and working with a professional attitude then you’ll learn to do this at Tek Experts and be given every chance to succeed.

How I’d describe my day

My day is challenging and demanding but I like that about it. But what’s good about working here is that after office hours it’s totally my time; you can do whatever makes you happy and relax.

I am a Zumba dancer, good swimmer and thirsty traveller. I spend at least an hour every day working out, or enjoying myself in the pool which is a good way to relieve the stresses associated with working in highly demanding and dynamic companies like ours.

I also believe that travelling is a combination of relaxing and learning (in a fun way). I love exploring new lands, trying new foods, discovering new culture and meeting people, which improves my communication skills and teach me how to adapt to new situations which could be good or even bad sometimes.