Meet Nguyen Manh Hung

  • Name: Meet Nguyen Manh Hung
  • Role: Technical support engineer
  • Location: Vietnam

There’s a lot of freedom to develop and grow what we do and how we do it. It also means we can be active while being open and professional.

Day-to-day responsibilities:

I’m a support engineer in multiple products such as Service Health Reporter, Performance Insight, Network Node Manager and Network Automation, and work mainly with the customers come from APJ region.

How I got here:

I studied Telecommunications and Information Technology, specializing in Cisco networking. Before joining Tek Experts I worked in multiple specialist areas such as sales administration, networking administration and network Infrastructure deployment. I then joined Tek Experts in November 2013 to work as a front line engineer.

My Tek Experts Story:

Within a few months of joining Tek Experts was soon to become my second home. I always feel excited when coming to work each day because of the great working environment and the good relationships that exist between the managers and co-workers.

The company is also growing very fast each year and until now my team has now become much larger than when I first joined and is only going to get bigger.

Why I joined Tek Experts:

I joined Tek Experts after challenging myself across many other roles and in many organizations. I joined because I wanted a bigger challenge and after working here for a while I quickly realized there are even more challenges for me in this working environment.

I have gained lots of experience and learned so many new things since being here. Although learning and challenging with new things is not easy, with Tek Experts as my second home, I love to do that.

How I’d describe my day

I start each day with a cups of tea or coffee to get me ready to help my customers. By working across multiple products you need that kick to get your mind working and to set yourself up for the day. The days are non-stop and challenging, but because we always try to give the best service we can, they are rewarding as well.

After work I always go to the Martial Arts club to release energy and unwind. I find it helps clear my head and get myself ready to go home to my family and prepare for the next working day.

Why people should join Tek Experts

The Company is young and because of that there’s a lot of freedom to develop and grow what we do and how we do it. It also means we can be active while being open and professional, which are key factors when considering working at Tek Experts. This is a great place to improve not just your working skills but also to grow your career.