Cyber-crime never sleeps, so why would security support services?

Cyber-crime never sleeps, so why would security support services?

The dynamic world of cyber-crime is firmly a threat to both large and small businesses, but its complexities often result in business owners and project leaders lacking the resources to combat it effectively.

As global IT security company McAfee notes, the trend of using cloud services is on the rise, leading to sensitive data and processing taking place in an area where cyber-attacks are increasingly taking place. What this leads to is the inarguable fact that for 2017, cyber security truly means a process of constant maintenance and vigilance is needed to keep your software safe.

If the prospect of an always-on, 24/7/365 security support service isn’t feasible for your in-house team, there are other routes available. Not only is it a question of resource to outsource your security; it’s an option that might make more sense for your business. Consider the Tek Experts model: global teams of experts across continents that can onboard support of a product at any time – quickly.

When you look at things moving to the cloud, the work day is now changing dramatically. It isn’t a 9-5 anymore, it’s really any time of day or night, and many industries will increasingly need to ensure that their systems can support an operation that’s running in that way.

For many businesses, this just isn’t feasible. In this case, outsourcing your support services to a company that already has the infrastructure in place to tackle cyber-crime issues around the clock becomes a cost-effective decision with a variety of benefits for your project.

And as the teams at Tek Experts have profound knowledge of various security fields – including network security, endpoint security, and compliance – outsourcing saves time and money that may otherwise be wasted on implementing a risky internal solution.

These fast response times and existing expertise don’t just benefit your budget, but security guru Jeremy Murtishaw also predicts that ransomware will become the number one threat to businesses this year. And when you’re dealing with malicious ransomware, it’s literally your money on the line in the event of a security breach. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, he’s also concerned by a sharply rising trend in malvertising, which has seen a 585% increase since 2014.

What does this mean for businesses? Largely, that your support services should be available whenever you need them, whatever you need them for. It’s become critical for security to stay one step ahead of the rapidly evolving dynamics of cyber-crime, something that many businesses just can’t guarantee. So, by offering scalable support that aims to keep the criminals off your back in the first place – and boost your product security worldwide – 2017 continues to see Tek Experts on a mission to make sure our experts around the world are there for you 24/7/365.

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