Why you should consider a career in billing and subscription


Everybody can relate to billing and subscription. Perhaps you’ve had to manage your cable subscription or enquire why your mobile phone bill is so high. But have you considered a career in billing and subscription?

Esteban Barquero, Subject Matter Expert and Technical Lead at Tek Experts, is responsible for the delivery of training to customer service representatives in our billing and subscription team.

He explains why billing and subscription is the perfect entry point for those wanting to build a long and successful career in the IT world, and what training new hires can expect at Tek Experts.


Future-proof your career

“Cloud computing is the future of IT for all businesses,” says Esteban. “So, if you have the opportunity to build an understanding of the technology and how it works, my advice would be to take it.”

“Gartner predicts that the cloud computing market will reach US$411bn by 2020, as more and more businesses adopt the technology. But it’s well documented that companies are struggling to acquire talent with cloud computing expertise.”

“If you can show that you’ve had experience with cloud-based products, you’ll never be short of job opportunities,” Esteban adds.


Extensive training

The billing and subscription customer service representative role at Tek Experts is defined as “non-technical,” but all new team members will receive all the technical training they need to be successful in the job.

Esteban has three years’ experience with the products the billing and subscription team manager, making him the ideal person to deliver the technical training.

“In the first week, engineers will be taught everything from how cloud computing works to what virtualization means, before we move on to the products and billing and subscription specifically,” Esteban explains. “Engineers won’t take on customer accounts until they’ve built an extensive knowledge of everything they need to do their job successfully. We’ve developed a training program that allows learners to build their technical knowledge in a quick period of time.”


Great soft skills essential

While having a technical mind will help you get up to speed quickly, it’s not essential to be considered for the job; however, having great soft skills is a must.

“Working in billing and subscription, you’ll be talking to business people at levels so it’s vital that can show experience of interacting effectively with people in your previous roles,” Esteban adds.

“If you haven’t had a full-time job before, that’s no problem. You’ll just have to give instances where you’ve used your speaking and listening skills to good effect.”


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