How to cultivate an international working mindset

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The world has never been smaller; advancements in technology connect people thousands of miles apart at a touch of a button. Global events, like elections, now feel like local news, as cultures across the continents devour input daily, through constant news feeds and interactive media.

Businesses are changing to accommodate this international platform. Gone are the days of working 9-5 in a standard office environment; as globalization strengthens, the working mindset has become much broader to encompass a technological world that never sleeps. Does the answer lie in providing innovative technological support systems?

Technology on a global scale

Although globalization provides a net benefit to the world that should be embraced, it does put more pressure on technology, including support systems. With Cisco predicting a 3-fold growth in global data center IP traffic, the need to protect against cyber-crime increases exponentially.

Evidence shows that malware grew by over 36 percent in 2015, compared to the year before. Although technical companies will continue to develop more effective security software, the emphasis will also shift to 24/7 communication, to deal with issues as quickly as possible.


Technology companies such as Tek Experts that operate a ‘Follow-the-sun’ policy are acknowledging the needs of the global society (article here). Delivering support in local languages, and in local time, is crucial to preventing the spread of cyber-crime. Offering support eight hours after an attack is often too late, resulting in a costly mop-up procedure.

When it comes to customer support, speed is of the essence. 50 percent of consumers who do not receive a response to their queries within a week will go elsewhere to conduct their business, according to a report prepared by Oracle. Forrester also reports that over half of online consumers will not progress with their purchase if they are not given a speedy response to their queries, potentially costing businesses huge losses in revenue as well damage to your brand.

Embracing the international mindset

Successful companies tend to invest heavily in software, in order to help manage their businesses more effectively, with reports that part of that investment, the security software market has grown by 3.7 percent. As globalization increases, so do the security risks plus the need for instant communication and quality support.

To be successful, this change should be led by higher management. The business school IMD agrees when it says companies need closely networked groups of worldwide, country and regional business managers to fully benefit from an international working mindset.

With such a team in place, employees can be educated to become globally sensitive, allowing them to develop an awareness of international values in accordance with their own.

Benefits to companies

Working on a global scale by adopting different working hours to accommodate the 24/7 support model is not only good for consumers but can also have a positive impact on business. Some of the benefits experienced by adopting “agile work strategies” include:

  • improved employee satisfaction
  • reduced attrition
  • a reduction in staff absences
  • increased productivity
  • cost savings to companies
  • improved equal opportunities and less discrimination
  • better collaboration and employee empowerment
  • larger talent pools including a more varied workforce
  • a positive effect on the environment.

Combining staggered working hours with effective training and ongoing global updates will help not only to embrace the global working mindset, it is likely to result in increased business performance.

The future

Some companies have described themselves as “a company with no passport”, reflecting their vision to cultivate an international mindset. As this principle continues to unfurl, technology is already in place to support it, with companies such as Tek Experts providing innovative solutions to the world’s ever-hungry need for 24/7 systems. Once upon a time scientists thought the earth was flat – is it unthinkable to think it has shrunk in size too?

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