Creating a culture that makes employees ‘go the extra mile’


Cultivating a great company culture is vital to the success of any business, contributing to employee engagement, organizational diversity, talent attraction and performance. Culture can inspire employees to go the extra mile for their customers, while also helping them to work better as a team.


Here at Tek Experts, we set ourselves the target of excelling in every interaction we have with clients. We also promote the ethos of “stronger, together,” having made it our mission to continue to “work as one,” despite our six international locations and the thousands of technical, software and customers service experts that form our company.


Company culture is critical to coming good on these objectives, so a great emphasis is placed on creating a culture that gives our staff the tools to build rewarding relationships with both their clients and their fellow employees.


“Our culture isn’t confined by oceans, borders or languages,” says Min Wang, Country Manager, Tek Experts China “No matter which country we’re operating in, everyone shares our customer-first approach. And this passion for helping our customers is fueled by regular motivational team activities, from office appreciation days to company-wide summer parties, with something happening every month somewhere.”




But as we know, a company culture is more than just offering one-off rewards – it’s about getting employees to feel enthused about every day at work, embracing challenges and seeking personal growth.


The study ‘State of Company Culture 2017’ gives insights into how employees are responding to companies’ efforts to curate a winning culture. The report revealed:


1. There’s room for improvement

The top-line finding is pretty positive: 54% of participants said their company culture was “strong” or “very strong.” However, with only 17% giving their company’s culture top marks, there’s certainly room for improvement. At Tek Experts, we take our culture very seriously. Our culture is built around collaboration, knowledge sharing and helping our people fulfil their potential through continuous training.


2. Growth opportunities make a big difference

Growth makes employees happier, more engaged, and more likely to stick around. Employees who worked for companies offering plenty of growth opportunities were nearly three times more likely to report being happy at work than those at companies offering no growth opportunities. However, the ability to grow depends on the opportunities available. it goes without saying that we’re growing in all six regions, at a fast pace, opening up new and exciting opportunities for staff to move up through the organization.


3. Diversity helps solve problems

Diversity helps create a culture which promotes problem solving, due to the varied perspectives and experiences they bring to the business. However, more than a quarter said that they do not work in a diverse workplace – 87% of which wished their company was more diverse. Tek Experts prides itself in the diversity of its offices.


4. Positive culture keeps a team intact

Of those respondents who work in a “very strong” culture, only 34% said they would consider leaving their current company for more money elsewhere. Great culture can keep a great team intact.


Remember, your company culture impacts on employee happiness, which in turn affects your customers’ happiness, too.


To find out more about our customer-centric company culture, check out our guiding principles here.>>