The rule of 3


There’s lots of talk about why you should consider an IT partner to help with your operations but really there’s only three things you need to think about when considering why this might be right for you. Here we cut through the waffle and talk about the three rules for considering service outsourcing.

One step-ahead and not an eye on the past

The only constant in IT is change and technologies and products advance at a pace many companies don’t have the capacity, budgets or flexibility to manage. Being able to train your teams on developments in technology can not only be expensive but also means you spend less time doing what you need to do and more learning about how you do it. A good IT support company will dedicate time, money and resources to making sure they are at the forefront of technical developments and can pre-empt issues that many companies need to manage reactively. They will make product enhancement knowledge a key part of the development of their business and can provide expertise as soon as companies need it meaning less downtime and more support.

Less firefighting more groundbreaking

Having someone to focus on the basics of keeping your business running means you can dedicate time and energy on projects that add true value to your business. As in-house departments become less associated with firefighting and more transformational and strategic, being able to give your distractions away become increasingly attractive.

Many companies think they are saving money by distributing responsibility for support across the department. The truth is although people may have multiple product responsibilities, and can manage multiple services, by doing this you’re reducing the time and energy on making real things happen, and potentially wasting resources on keeping the lights on.

Cost effective, not cost burden

For many companies having expertise in-house for each and every eventuality is not commercially viable. If you consider the thousands of products available in the market and the myriad of those you use in your company alone then the manpower and knowledge required to manage these can be astronomical

For most businesses an in-house product specialist is a luxury that they simply cannot afford. What’s more the cost of headcount downtime can place unnecessary burden on your budgets. Not every resource required is going to be used at all time, so what do you do with those people when they are still on your books?

Working with an IT partner means you can reduce your headcount burden and turn it into OPEX budget instead. You can budget more effectively and know what your spending will be every month well in advance, paying only for the time and expertise you need, when you need it, and not needing to worry about redundancy.