Tek Experts in Colorado Springs: 5 ways they are changing company life

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Innovation and progression go hand-in-hand within the technology industry. Yet this attitude can not only relate to products and services, it also needs to encompass the attitudes technology companies have towards their staff and the wider community.

Forward-thinking firms are already embracing the diversity of ‘company life’, and are putting into place policies that promise to change the way technology businesses operate in the 21st Century. These five simple strategies could affect how your company operates in the near future.

1.Work place support and career opportunities for women and new mothers

The technology industry is widely perceived to be male-dominated, although this is something many companies are looking to change. Diversity can have a positive effect on business growth; it’s reported that in Fortune 500 companies, those with more female board members “outperform those with the least by 26% ROI and 16% when it comes to return on sales.”

But for many women, getting back into work can be a challenge after taking time off to start a family, particularly in the technology industry where they bring a whole different set of valuable skills.

Bonnie Goertzen, COO at Tek Experts, believes women and mothers tend to have a good understanding of how to multi-task and are generally well-organized and highly productive. She goes on to say that these women are the embodiment of great communicators, which are all ideal qualities in an employee. Because of this, Tek Experts employs a workforce that is over 40 percent female, compared to the industry average of 30 percent.

2.Supporting family units with dual parent work schemes

Young families and working parents have often found it difficult to get back into work, to earn the funds they need to support a growing household. Offering dual parent work schemes, which provides flexible, manageable hours to new parents, allows this section of the workforce to easily get back into work. According to the American Psychological Association, work and family life affect each other, so those who can manage their family/work life more effectively will ultimately perform better at work, so promoting strong, dynamic family units can lead to more focused and satisfied staff.

3.Creating the right working environment

Building a career while improving technical skills is not only personally rewarding, but invaluable to business progression. That’s why forward-thinking companies invest in nurturing and developing employees from the very first day they join the company.

Career success lies in getting the right support from an employer: support that guides team members to learn and grow from the beginning of their careers.  It starts with providing a warm and inclusive welcome, with friendly team introductions and support. This helps new starters feel instantly comfortable within the working environment. New starters need to be offered a mentor programs and self-evaluation schemes, to help them progress quickly.

Employees that are rewarded for their efforts are more likely to reach targets and goals; even the smallest of things like providing complimentary refreshments and verbal ‘thank yous’ encourages a motivated and focused workforce. In fact, ScienceDirect has researched a direct correlation between working environment and employee job satisfaction. Once the new starters are settled in, being able to keep learning, plus adding extras such as social activities and clubs outside of office life, encourages a positive and driven team.

Of course, there’s also a bonus to clients – by ensuring employees receive quality and professional training, and maintaining their motivation, clients enjoy a far better experience. Their needs are consistently met by inspired, driven and knowledgeable individuals.

4.Decreasing unemployment in Colorado Springs

With our USA Office, by working with the likes of Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance and other key community players, companies such as ours have been able to support both individuals and the community as a whole.  Debra Herzog, site manager of Tek Experts’ Colorado Springs operation said “Building a successful business means offering careers to exceptional talent; a resource that Colorado Springs has in abundance. With so many highly educated, capable, tech-savvy individuals in Colorado it’s essential to offer them the opportunity to join technical teams and expand their skills.”

5.Opportunities for veterans

Diversity can also be increased by encouraging veterans to bring their unique skills learnt in the military to the workplace. According to Forbes Customs, military veterans are peak performers and a proven source of talent, whose skills have been tested under the most challenging of situations. Not only can companies harness the talent offered by them, but it’s also a step towards lowering employment rates.

Debra continued, “Veterans provide a great resource for companies like ours, as well as a great partner for our clients. They bring excellent leadership, exceptional teamwork and integrity, and are extremely efficient and motivated to succeed.”

Cultivating hardworking, satisfied employees from a diverse pool of talent, while giving back to the community, are just some of the ways forward-thinking companies are changing company life in Colorado Springs for the better. Innovation in the technology industry no longer refers just to the business advancements they are making; at last, when it comes to attitudes, real progression is being made.

Is your company keeping up with company life policies?

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