5 reasons to start your IT career with a young company

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Conventional wisdom might dictate that it’s better to begin your IT career at a long established company. However, there are actually plenty of good reasons why choosing a younger, newer firm might end up being more beneficial in terms of both on the job satisfaction and long term career prospects.

Here we look at five reasons why picking a firm that is new on the scene could be an excellent way to begin a career in IT. We also talk to Diana Umaña, who joined Tek Experts’ Costa Rica site in 2011, at the very start of the Costa Rica operation.

Diana has held various positions in our software support teams and currently works in the training and education department, responsible for Tek Experts’ talent management system.

1. You will be working in a fast, paced dynamic environment.

New ventures, by their very nature, make for a highly dynamic working environment. Things are constantly evolving and changing during the early years of a company’s growth, so joining a new company gives you the opportunity to get on at the ground floor.

During the growth phase of a company, you have more chances to see your ideas come to life, while you can truly feel a part of the new company’s early triumphs.

Diana recalls, “At the beginning, it was difficult to imagine how we would grow in such a short time and increase the number of employees here by so much. We started with around 20 people and now we are close to 600.”

Furthermore, few industries are as dynamic as the IT sector, so joining a company whose core mission and growth plan are anchored around the very latest software and technology is bound to start your IT career in good stead.

2. Excellent career opportunities

In terms of overall career progression, there’s certainly a lot to be said for having your name attached to an organization that’s new on the scene and growing.

Additionally, the impact you can make on a new organization is greater, as it is directly allied to the overall growth and development of the company, making it easier for your work to be noticed by senior staff and management.

Diana explains, “I was able to grow and learn a lot about the business from scratch. We taught ourselves a lot of things and were hungry for information. Today, we are able to use this to teach new employees.”

3. Unique learning and training

A company in its infancy knows that its people are its greatest asset. As such, a young company has a direct stake in ensuring the very best training and career development for its staff.

First class training is never more important than in the IT industry, which is ever changing, requiring those building a career in IT to constantly keep on top of the newest software and technology. Whether it be through formal training or on the job itself, employees at young companies work in an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Watching the company grow at this early stage of its development cycle has been highly instructive for Diana, “The improvement and progress we’ve made in just five years has been amazing and this demonstrates to new candidates that we are capable of achieving great things. The company we have built is amazing for such a short amount of time, but we still have a long journey to go on.”

4. A distinct lifestyle and culture

New enterprises often have a novel lifestyle and culture all of their own. This can include flexible working hours or the opportunity to build a workflow that fits around personal, family and other commitments.

If you are starting work at a new company, you may well play an active role in setting the tone yourself. Young companies enable their staff to actively shape the culture of the organization.

5. Enjoying coming to work

There’s something uniquely motivating and inspiring about working towards a common goal and young companies are always closely in touch with their reason for coming to market, whether it be to improve existing products and services or create brand new ones.

Diana most passionately declares, “I feel proud of myself because I know that at the beginning it was not that easy, but the company now has a really strong base. The company is part of my DNA. It’s not simply a question of loving what you do but also loving where you work.

“If I only love what I’m doing, I can do it anywhere, but I really love this company. I know we are where we are because a lot of employees have been doing a great job and going above and beyond their regular duties. This has created a unique connection with the company.”

Young companies breed a strong team spirit amongst their employees and a sense of all being in it together, pushing to try and make a success of a new venture.

This drive and impetus can help build close bonds within teams and enable staff to go to their jobs every day to work with their friends, and not just their colleagues.

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