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Information technology people often associate with hard-working people, working only with computers, and do not care about their ability to communicate. Is this still true? 

Article Written by: Jiang Shu Quan 


Carol McCarthy, Global Human Resources Manager, Tek Experts, a provider of business support and IT services in seven countries around the world, has shared the story around today’s IT staffing. 


Professional skill is no longer everything 

According to Carol McCarthy, in modern information technology, soft skills and customer service attitudes are as important as professional skills. 

Information technology was once a technology-based industry by distance knowledge between professionals and customers. But this has changed in recent years. With the rapid development of online forums, customers have become more knowledgeable about digital technology. At the same time, the variety of support channels makes customers increasingly demanding IT professionals. 

Carol McCarthy – Global Human Resource Manager Tek Experts. 

According to Carol, Vietnam IT human resources are being loved by IT industry all over the world. ”Soft skills are the key to the steady growth of the IT industry in Vietnam. However, the problem is that in Vietnam, it is very difficult to find IT staff with sufficient skills and soft skills, “she said. 

According to information from the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; General Statistics Office, 90% of graduates do not meet the needs of enterprises due to lack of soft skills. This is also one of the main reasons why there are over 200,000 unemployed graduates in 2017. While every year, thousands of good IT graduates continue to graduate and win high prizes in national and international competitions. 


Soft skills – important pieces of good IT staff 

Carol says soft skills are a mental and emotional term for important life skills. With today’s IT human resources, communication skills, customer insights, teamwork, etc., it is important to develop your career. 

“By understanding and communicating with customers, IT staff will easily provide better service. Even when an employee cannot help the customer immediately, understanding and empathy will make the communication process more comfortable, “she said. 

In the context of the current situation of human resources in IT service support, Tek Experts has launched Tek Academy in December. In-depth training in IT essentials including professional knowledge, soft skills and foreign languages. Tek Academy is also the door for those who do not have IT qualifications to enter the industry. 

Comprehensive and friendly working space at Tek Experts Vietnam office. 

Joining Tek Academy, students will be trained with full funding from Tek Experts and receive remuneration when contributing to the company’s projects. In addition to being evaluated continuously during the training, students also receive the certificate of completion of the course and have the opportunity to work at Tek Experts. It is expected that by the end of 2018, 900 trainees will be trained. 

This program reaffirms Tek Experts commitment to the development of IT talent in Vietnam and creates more employment opportunities for students. This is also a step to help young children equipped with all the skills necessary to develop in the IT industry. 

“Tek Academy is our remarkable contribution to the development of talent in Vietnam, and participants will become stronger and more confident than they have ever been and will learn a lot. This is a way to help us fill the gap between the supply and demand of the industry, “concluded Carol.  


Original article:  Zing.VN