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Tek Experts says its local operation is largest
Tek Experts, a multinational business and information technology company, announced that the company’s Costa Rica operation is its largest worldwide.

According to a statement issued out by the group, Tek Experts Costa Rica holds 40 percent of the overall volume of the company’s management. The business operates in Vietnam, China, Bulgaria, Malta and the United States in support services and software solutions among other industries. Luis Guillermo Campos, the country manager for Tek Experts Costa Rica, said that the company created part of its operation in the country due to the proximity of certain, strategic clients.

“We have access to a passionate and caring workforce that takes pride in doing a great job and that’s why our customers love us,” Campos said. “We believe in San José because it is a hive of technical talent that has really put the city on the map and that the talent base grows each year.”

Tek Experts first arrived in Costa Rica in 2012 after the entire company began operations in 2009. According to its website, the company employs more than 2,000 people globally with 700 of that workforce based in Costa Rica. Its offices are located in San Pedro.’

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