Take back control of your career destiny

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Sometimes, does it feel like you’re not in control of your career destiny? It’s time you took back some of that control and feeling empowered. We believe it’s every employer’s duty to help their employees forge the career they foresee for themselves, but not all think it’s important to provide a pathway for progression.


If you find yourself working for an employer who doesn’t provide the necessary training to allow you to broaden your skillset and grow as a person, you have four options:

  1. Stay where you are and accept that you’re not going to progress
  2. Ask your employer for career development opportunities and hope you get them
  3. Look to broaden your professional skills in your own time outside of office hours
  4. Leave the company and find an employer who does value career development

We promise our staff careers, not jobs. To come good on this promise, we have implemented a structured learning and development approach, which allows staff to speedily grow their skillset and become recognized professionals in the technology field.

Here are some Tek Experts staff who have benefited from this commitment to continuous learning:


1. Lê Ngân Giang, section manager, Vietnam

“Ji” joined Tek Experts after graduating from university in 2013. He has enjoyed a number of promotions since then, making the most of the training opportunities that have come his way.

He said: “I joined as a level 1 Technical Support Engineer and was encouraged to continue my technical training. So, I worked hard gaining new experience and skills both technical and soft, which didn’t go unnoticed by management. As a result, I was promoted to team leader first and then to a level 2 technical support engineer. Now, I’m a level 2 section manager.”


2. Bethany Snow,
customer advocate manager, Colorado Springs

Bethany joined Tek Experts in 2016, having been attracted to the “always changing” nature of the business. She has aspirations to become a leader in the business and has taken a number of courses to begin that journey.

She said: “The training material available has been really helpful. My favorite course is ‘Women in Leadership’. I’ve got a better perspective of how women can be leaders and that it’s achievable with the right steps here at Tek Experts.”


3. Rachel Navakuku, head receptionist, Colorado Springs

Rachel joined Tek Experts in 2017 as a customer advocate manager, but quickly decided she wanted to transition across to an administration role.

She said: “Tek Experts has been awesome in helping me transition to this new role. I have a strong customer service background, but didn’t have any administration experience. However, in my spare time, Tek Experts made a number of administrative courses available, which set me up for my new role as a receptionist. The training gave me an understanding of what the administrative team does, and how I can add value.”



If you want to become one of the Tek Experts’ success stories, you can. It starts with you taking back control of your career.