Why IT companies need technical workers with soft skills


Today, many tech companies are making big investments to tackle gender, age and racial biases, become more transparent, and develop diversity for their IT jobs. But for this to work, companies need a workforce that is compassionate, empathetic, and can communicate effectively with those around them. In other words, they need soft skills in abundance.


IT companies are realizing that their long-term success relies heavily on a more varied talent pool, with the focus being on candidates who can offer proficiency in problem-solving, listening, communication, and conflict management.


Why soft skills matter

Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report found that 92% of business leadersated soft skills as a critical priority, while a study by Boston College, Harvard University, and the University of Michigan, revealed that soft skills were found to significantly increase productivity and retention – resulting in an impressive 256% return on investment.


Here at Tek Experts, we’re building a motivated and agile workforce who can grow and progress with us as the company continues to expand. By focusing on finding the right soft skills in the first place, we can not only deliver a better level of service to our customers, we can also retain and develop our people much more easily – building a stronger workforce for the future.


The right fit

So that means that when a candidate turns up for what traditionally would be classed as a ‘technical’ support job interview, they might find that the questions asked are far less technical than expected.


Luis Guillermo Campos, site manager of Tek Experts Costa Rica explains: “Technical skills can be taught; passion for the job, empathy for the customer and the desire to work as part of an ever-evolving team cannot. That’s why it’s so important that we draw out these soft skills at interview. Collaboration is a huge part of what we do here and communication skills are of greater importance than technical ability, especially in the early stages.”


Sharpening your soft skills

A study by LinkedIn revealed that hiring managers really struggle to find candidates with the right soft skills for 59% of their job vacancies, while 58% said that the lack of soft skills among job candidates was ‘limiting their company’s productivity’. Employers want to know that recruits are the right fit for the organization and they’re going to be comfortable working with clients, customers, their team members and senior management.


With competition for IT jobs as fierce as ever, candidates who are able to demonstrate they have a range of soft skills (often honed while raising a family or during a career in the forces will have the edge over other applicants.


At Tek Experts we believe that diversity brings innovation. If you would like to develop or hone the soft skills to progress your career, as part of our continuous learning promise, we have courses that can help.

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