Office move in Colorado Springs prepares us for major growth and new career openings

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Tek Experts USA unveiled its new Colorado Springs headquarters today marking the next phase in our progress and further showing our commitment to developing the US operations for the long term.

Plans are underway to introduce more job opportunities over the coming months and years to people in the region and also to prepare for the advancement of new services with new global clients.

Naama Saar, CEO of Tek Experts said, ”Since we decided to come to Colorado Springs we always believed this is a location to recruit excellent talent, develop our footprint in the United States and continue to provide a great range of services to our clients around the world.”

Debra Herzog, country manager of Tek Experts in Colorado Springs, said, “We strive to offer the best environment for our people to grow, to develop their skills and expertise. We’re committed to providing best-in-class training programs and to supporting our staff throughout their careers. Our ambition is to become an employer of choice in Colorado Springs and this is the first step in us being to achieve that.”

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