When corporate social responsibility is not lip service

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Here at Tek Experts, we empower everyone in each office to do good within their own community. We don’t tell them what to do, why to do it or how to do it, just as long as they make a real difference and impact lives for the good. So when we heard that our Bulgarian corporate social responsibility team dubbed ‘The Fellowship of Tek’ helped one boy get on with his education, we knew that this was exactly why we trust our staff to make things happen.

See, act, change

Bozhidar, an 8th-grade boy from a deprived family in the small village of Bankya just outside Sophia, had very poor eyesight due to health issues. He desperately needed reading glasses so that he could not only see to actively take part in school lessons but also have a better quality of life. Amanda Pekova, a recruiter and a member of The Fellowship said:

“As soon as we heard about him, we immediately went into action mode to create events to raise the money needed to get him the glasses”.

As we are so big in Sophia with technical support engineers, customer support staff and software security teams, three donations boxes were set up around the offices so that everyone could contribute.

Going the extra mile

However, because Tek Experts hires people with passion, ambition and a creative flair, it was no surprise they didn’t stop there. A charity kitchen event called “Tek-a-bite” was devised. For one day, all varieties of home cooked or prepared breakfasts, lunches and desserts were made to sell – even home-made jelly! All the kitchens were laden with food and donations were added to our total. As expected, the whole site got involved and colleagues took up the challenge to out cook each other and with gusto. Amanda confirmed:

“We encouraged our colleagues to try the homemade food instead of their regular daily lunch and to donate the money they usually pay for lunch in our box, it went really well and was great fun”.

The good news is that Bozhidar has already got his brand new pair of glasses and is helping him achieve better results in school.

Looking to the future

The very shy and quiet Bozhidar was later invited to visit our offices so that we could show him around, explain what we do, how it’s a fun and great place to work and for him to meet few of our colleagues. We also talked about career opportunities after he finished high school and working for a company like ours. He was interested in IT and he was really glad to have learnt a bit more about Tek Experts.

He beamed brightly when we told him that he was always welcomed in our company for work experience, apprenticeship, etc and to ask for any type of advice about his career in the future. Now, we’re keeping in touch with him while he finishes his educations.

Amanda spoke on behalf of The Fellowship when she had the last word:

“This is my Tek Experts, my values and my future. We think that we should never stop helping others when they need it. As a company we’re growing every day with new members who wants to participate and to help us build a better future”.

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