What to look for when changing jobs: Challenge the norm

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If you enjoy making a difference with the work you do, you won’t settle for just any old job. You want to work in an organization that does things differently – somewhere that is consultative in how it works with clients, invests in its staff, celebrates diversity, operates with speed and agility, and ultimately that has similar values to you. So the question you need to ask any potential future employer is: “Are you willing to challenge the norm? Willing to challenge everything?”


Identifying positive challenges

”The words “we’ve just always done it that way” aren’t used in my team,” says Shawn Shaffer, Client Services Director at Tek Experts. “We believe in having great processes to support excellent client service, but we also keep pushing ourselves to do something new, something innovative, . I think it’s that hunger to do something better than it’s been done before that keeps any job interesting and interests people to join our team.


“That’s why I encourage people who are seeking a new role to challenge everything. ‘Challenge’ can be seen as a confrontational word, but I and the rest of Tek Experts see it quite differently. It’s about having the integrity to do what’s best, the curiosity to want to find out more and the confidence to know your opinions matter. There are many ways to do this, but three really stand out for me.”


Shawn’s three challenges to find in your next role:

  1. Challenge the client – when your role is to provide consultancy, your responsibility is to scrutinize the status quo. It’s important to build a relationship of trust with your client, which allows you to provide those constructive challenges. But this can only happen with a working environment in which this behavior is supported – whether you’re IT support in Bulgaria or customer success manager in USA, every team member is empowered, people work collaboratively and the culture is flexible.


  1. Challenge what’s ‘good enough’ – the customer support sector faces the pressures of both a highly connected consumer base and finite budgets. In other words, there’s a need to do more with less. In too many organizations this creates a tendency to do just enough, rather than to seek excellence. Sadly, the normal metrics, the cheapest option – these aren’t the routes to engaged and satisfied customers. If you want excellence, you have to invest in it. So, look out for that opportunity to challenge what’s good enough and take a big step beyond it.


  1. Challenge the trend – social media is increasingly central to many businesses’ brand strategy. This ability to communicate more immediately has created an expectation for very rapid customer service response times. As a result, some companies are trying to use tech to provide this. It’s important to take advantage of the latest technology developments – but don’t lose sight of what’s important. A human response, with expertise and empathy, remains an incredibly powerful way to build customer loyalty.


Shawn Shaffer, Client Services Director, Tek Experts


At Tek Experts, we’ve created an environment that encourages people to make these challenges. Our offices have personalities that reflect the team, our interview process is highly committed and our way of working is collaborative. We believe in giving people the freedom and responsibility to do the best for our clients, rather than cutting corners to a quick resolution.


“If you’re excited by the idea of being a consultant to some of the world’s leading brands, Tek Experts might have the perfect opportunity for you. We look for a wide variety of skills – from technical specialists to customer relationship experts. And if you do apply for a role – don’t be afraid to challenge us!”


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