This retiree knew that he is still productive: At the age of 69 he went to a job fair and was able to get a great job

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Mr. Carlos Caamaño is a fan of the Murphy Law, but a year ago he ignored the premise that says: “if something can go wrong, it will go wrong”… and at the age of 69 he went to the latest edition of the job fair organized by CINDE.

Contrary to what many believed, he went and found a great job: for over a year now he has been working at Tek-Experts.

“My wife told me ‘see, there is an opportunity to solve our economic problems’. I went and applied at many companies. “I got a call a few days later, I was interviewed and in less than 15 days I was in” added Caamaño.

This guadalupano was already retired, but with more than 40 years of experience as an IT expert, he had become a “workaholic”.
About 5 years ago he pensioned off but continued developing software for the company. He kept his part-time work until he decided to find a permanent job again.

“After 2 or 3 years of retirement, I was well rested and could not take it anymore. Being unemployed was nice at the beginning but then you start to count the time and you feel empty. There was some work that I did to keep myself busy, but still I decided to look for a more permanent job”.

At his current company the average age is about 25 years old and that is why Mr. Carlos’ – as people call him – gray hair stands out among the cubicles.

“I am aware that I am probably the most long-lived employee of the company and that makes me feel really good. My family is happy as well, as while I was without a job they could tell I was not myself” he assured.

According to Mr. Carlos, it was not difficult to fit in and even though he does not attend the soccer games of his co-workers, he assures that he still has the strength to take the stairs and engage with the team without feeling even a bit tired.

“That first day that I went back to work was very pleasant, it was like I never left. I settled down and I felt very good. Some of my co-workers are very young (…) at the beginning one could feel left behind and awkward, but after a couple days you catch up” he remembered.

But, what made him so attractive to get the job so quickly?
For the IT expert, there were 2 main reasons:
1. The experience gained in the IT/Software industry:

“I have been advancing along with the changes that have occurred with computers and applications. In addition, the knowledge I gained in college is indispensable“.

2. Speaking a second language:

“I was able to teach myself English and I’ve gotten good enough to cope very well here”.
Mr. Carlos sees his retirement very far away, and he encourages others at his age to continue being part of the country’s workforce.

“You have to search (for a job), without fear. Consider your strengths and make them noticeable, put them down in your resume. Add whatever you may be good at… then educate yourselves, learn and complete the requirements for the job” he advises.
“The age serves, it is a great thing because it gives you experience not only professionally, but also in how you work with and treat other people. You have to excel at that, it helps a lot. If you are recognized as someone who is well-educated, with good ethics, you will have every door open” he added.

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