The ultimate cheat sheet for setting-up a new solutions’ IT support


Introducing your customers to new technology and upgrades can be a minefield; it’s a task full of potential hazards that can trip you and them up. Yet, we all agree that continually upgrading and fixing IT infrastructure and software solutions is as necessary as breathing if your customers’ business is to stay competitive in the marketplace and continue renewing their licenses with you. Failure to keep your customers updated and upgrading equates to losing business to your rivals – not a concept most CEOs want to consider. Here we give you a few points to consider when launching new applications or supporting old versions.

The challenges

According to UK technology trade publication Computer Weekly, a staggering “65% to 70% of all IT implementation projects fail to produce the benefits expected”. This could be caused by the numerous challenges faced during project set-up, including:

  • Lack of understanding – any new system requires changes to roles, responsibilities, and processes, which will take some time to understand and appreciate.
  • Resistance – bringing in new technology pushes your team out of their comfort zone as they struggle to grasp the new concepts. If you are lucky, some may embrace the changes, whereas others will find it more difficult and resist the changes.
  • Integration difficulties – new technology means new software, new tools, and new processes. Integrating the system with your customer can be like stepping into a black hole; you just don’t know what’s on the other side.
  • Dealing with customers – while integration proceeds, your team are still dealing with customers. Do you have the right resources to be able to deal with queries? Are your staff skilled in the technical support required for the new systems? Can you cope with 24/7/365 follow-the-sun support?

The downside to all these challenges is that, if you don’t handle the introduction of your technology adequately, your customer will suffer and may eventually head over to your competitor.

The solution

Of course, there is always a solution to any problem. However, in this instance, it is important to react fast and create a solution before a problem escalates. The quickest and most effective method of dealing with this is to bring a strategic partner, experienced in business and IT outsourcing. These companies understand the issues, are skilled with the necessary resources at hand and offer a quality customer support solution on your behalf.

Achieving the solution

Outsourcing as a service is becoming increasingly popular. Supporting your older versions of software or launching latest versions at speed, can be not only expensive, price prohibitive but also you may no longer have the skills in-house to do it.  Therefore, many companies effectively “rent” the solution support system. Nearshore or offshore outsourcing companies deal with the hardware and software, plus the necessary staff, to provide the full solution.

The right company

Finding the right IT outsourcing company for your needs is crucial. The complexity of IT deserves a support service that is fully scalable, with a dynamic solution. Look for a company that has hand-picked a core team of subject, technology, and sector experts from around the world that meet your specific needs.

The aim of your strategic partner is to build scalable services quickly. According to Daniela Gancheva, Business development manager at Tek Experts, this is achieved by investing in a core leadership team of experts with relevant and extensive experience.

This team can then build a service and provide consultancy for even the most complex of IT requirements. Such a team should consist of a business process expert, a sector knowledge expert, a CRM expert and a technology expert who knows the software inside out. The next step in the process is to train the support staff to deliver it.

Such a process needs to be flexible, so that the services and delivery methods can be adapted to align with your goals. In this way, your business needs will be matched, keeping you agile in a competitive market. As Daniela comments, this scalability allows both the partner and your company to grow together.

Having a dedicated business and IT team outsourced to deal with new solutions’ support also has the bonus of providing you and your customers with IT support globally 24/7/365, leaving your existing team to do what they are best at.

So, what is the ultimate quick cheat sheet for setting-up a new solution’s support? Find a strategic partner and outsource that support. Your team and your customers will thank you for it.

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