Expanding our office space to accommodate worldwide growth

Новини от компанията

As we continue to expand and develop our business, we’re investing in the offices and infrastructure that enable us to continue to grow and be the partner of choice for our clients around the world.

Tek Experts has always been at the heart of the cities we work and live in, and we’ve continued in that vein over the last 12 months and will continue to do the same in 2016.

We’ve significantly increased the size of our offices in Costa Rica, Bulgaria and Vietnam, and gone through a whole new modernization programme across all our sites, so they can continue to inspire and engage our people, as well as being a great place to collaborate, share and socialize.

With more training and meeting rooms, and larger relaxation areas, our new modern and dynamic spaces also inspire our people to think differently and encourages them to think of their workplace as a great place to be.

We’ve equipped our facilities with state of the art technology that continues to put us in touch with our customers across the world and our colleagues across every location. We’ve established platforms to enable our employees to learn and develop their skills and  provided them with the tools to test and resolve the technical issues we and our customers face. We have also implemented applications that empower us to know more about ourselves and our clients, and that allow our clients to know more about theirs.

As we continue to expand our global presence, we’ll keep investing in new facilities and technologies to sustain the growth of our teams and ensure we nurture the best-in-class IT support. We are committed to always be surrounded by and working in an environment that maintains and encourages our vision for success and development of our business and our people.