Wenhui Sun, Level 1 Support Engineer, China

Wenhui Sun,
Level 1 Support Engineer,

“Everybody’s given opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge”
Before joining Tek Experts, I was an account manager at a bank for six months. I wasn’t in the job long because I quickly realized that wasn’t the career I wanted to pursue. In my heart, I wanted to work in IT support, so I applied to lots of tech companies in the hope of being given a chance, even though I didn’t have much technical experience. Tek Experts was the company to give me that opportunity – I felt so lucky!

Continuous learning

There are many reasons why I love working at Tek Experts. They let me to be myself – my best self. Everybody’s given opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge. I’ve received lots of good and varied training since I’ve been here, including foreign language training, soft skills training, technical training, and much more. We have Tek Experts trainers come in from all around the world, sharing their knowledge and experience. One recent trainer was from Costa Rica! I’m love that I’m always learning new things.

Colleagues and friends

I try to share my knowledge with my colleagues, too. We get together at least once a week to review customer problems we’ve managed and share what we’ve learnt, as a way of improving the team. It means we’re a very close unit. Tek Experts is like a big family – we celebrate everybody’s birthday and do lots of activities together as a team, like seaside BBQs! It’s such a great place to make friends.

Outside of work, I love cooking. I often bring my creations into the office for my work friends to try – they don’t always like them, but that doesn’t stop me!

Making progress

In the future, I’d like to move up from a Level 1 Support Engineer to a Level 2 Engineer. My manager is helping me to realized what I really want to be and what I could improve, so I can do my best to work towards this goal.

It just goes to show, even if you don’t think you’ve got the skills or experience to be an engineer, Tek Experts will give you all the training you need to get there. Put your application in and see for yourself!

If you’re looking for your first tech job, look no further than Tek Expert. Find your perfect career today.

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