Carlos Solis, L1 Support Engineer, Costa Rica

Carlos Solis,
L1 Support Engineer,
Costa Rica

“I have never seen anything like it before. It is the friendliest and most collaborative company I have worked for.”
Greetings from Costa Rica! I’m Carlos Solis, a L1 software support engineer since 2016 and I love to help our client’s key customers sort out their software issues.  My job mean I support a really good mix of customers from USA, Canada, to Mexico, Peru, Chile and Argentina. I get to use my English and my Spanish skills every day.

I focus only on one of our client’s product Application Life Cycle Management and I am in the foundation team of front line support engineers. It means I get a great and varied experience of customers and all the types of issues they could face and you never stop learning something. You can learn to do your job better every day because we share our solutions, and business ideas with our colleges so you help your customers and you can get better and better at your job.

For four years I worked on business software design. My university degree was also in business software design but I wanted to try a new experience. I wanted to increase my English because it’s good for my career and I wanted to know about other software. So, I thought – why not apply to Tek Experts.

Now I’ve joined, I have never seen anything like it before.  It’s the friendliest and most collaborative company I have worked for. What I have learnt is the importance of soft skills and they are very important for all our level 1 staff like me. Personally, I’ve learnt a sense of urgency and how to prioritize so that our customers get the best service. And we have regular weekly team meetings where we share what we’ve learnt so that others in the team can use it with their customers.

As well as being an engineer, I actually now provide some of the training to the team. I teach them how to get the most out their support tools. I like it and I get to help my colleagues. As for my training, I always take any training I am given and appreciate the opportunity to learn more.

When you apply to work here, you’ll be changed by the experience and for the better. You will grow and learn something new every day. Not all employers can offer you that.

If you asked my what’s Pura Vida about Tek Experts that would be easy. It’s the friendly environment plus because the traffic in this part of the country is bad, the flexible hours offered helps.

After work play soccer. I’m a huge fan of the sport and my favorite team is Real Madrid. I’m not a glory follower, I think they are the best team this century and the last. My family and I went to Spain and we visited Real Madrid’s stadium. It was a great holiday and one I will never forget. I also love to draw, and mostly Manga (Japanese style graphic novels aimed at adults). I find it’s a way of expressing myself, managing my feelings and my creativity. At the moment I draw individual images, but I’m working on creating a full novel.

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