Bethany Snow, Customer Advocate Manager, USA

Bethany Snow,
Customer Advocate Manager,

”… they are more interested in me than the $ return I can bring in.”
Hey, I’m Bethany Snow and I joined in 2016 at the Colorado Springs office as one of customer advocate managers. My job means I manage the day to day accounts of my client’s customers and make sure they get everything they need from my client. It can be challenging but I love a challenge. I love this job, it stimulates my brain about how I can figure out a solution for my customer. It’s always different, always exciting.

What’s great about working here is that there is always something changing, somewhere in the organization and I love change. The good thing is that the change is managed, in a structured way. Management makes sure the energy is up and make it a fun place to be. We make sure we keep it loose and not strict unlike other employers I worked at. Now I get to do activities like pot luck events and community support. The other thing is I’m a single mom of a six-year-old boy and Tek Experts have been more than accommodating with me taking time off to be with him. Previous companies would have reprimanded me, but now I get to see key moments of my son’s education and be with him when he’s poorly – and I value and really appreciate it.

The training material available has been really helpful. My favorite course is ‘Women in Leadership’. I’ve got a better perspective of how women can be leaders and that it’s achievable with the right steps here at Tek Experts.

What’s different about Tek Experts for me is while it’s fast paced and challenging, it’s one of the best companies I’ve worked for. They focus on getting the environment right and keeping it a fun, positive place to work. I believe they are more interested in me than the $ return I can bring in.

If you’re thinking of joining us, I’d definitely recommend you do it. You’ll get great experience that will show you off as a professional and gain skills like presentation, communicating effectively with international people and get to understand others better.  I thought I was a professional, until I came here!

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