What are the best IT jobs to get into right now?

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Building a career in technology makes so much sense. There are always loads of great jobs on offer, with tech and IT skills at a premium, making it a fantastic career choice for those people who like a challenge in an ever-changing industry.


So, what are some of the best tech jobs to consider right now?


1. Software developer


Software development provides the opportunity to be creative in a technical discipline; you are designing new functionality that didn’t exist before. It’s a job that relies upon teamwork and collaboration, working with the development team to ensure delivery. You’re solving an issue with your unique insight, which is very rewarding.


2. User experience (UX) designers


If you’ve got the ability to see things from the user’s point of view, you could make the perfect UX designer. You will look at the big picture: from a user experience, technology and business standpoint. It’s quite the balancing act, but that’s all part of the challenge.


3. Technical support engineers


For problem-solvers who have an interest in troubleshooting and variety, a technical support engineer job is the ideal entry point into the tech industry. While the job involves taking on customer issues, it can also leave you with the satisfaction of helping customers resolve their business challenges – working closely with a client’s IT system administrator and IT deployment engineers to make it happen.


4. Global training managers


As a global training manager and part of the training and education team, you need to bring technical competencies together with people development and advanced soft skills. It’s a great job for those who get fulfilment from seeing people develop technical skills in front of their eyes, and who have an urge to travel.


5. Subject matter experts


For those who know a piece of software inside and out, a subject matter expert role is your chance to pass on that knowledge and experience through training and mentoring. You will be responsible for ensuring all staff are trained and supported when answering technical customer queries from clients and their customers. A challenging but rewarding role.


“We want people who are dynamic and passionate about what they do, who want to make a positive difference with the people they work with and customers we support,” says Bulgaria country manager Lachezar Lozanov.



“While certain technical skills are essential in some jobs, it’s a ‘can do’ attitude and a thirst to learn and develop professional and soft skills that we really want to see in candidates.”


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